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jogan 04-18-2009 11:44 PM

Telephone Jack Connection Problem
I am a new member and just incorrectly posted comments on difficulty hooking up a newer plug in phone jack. he comments are posted as a reply to a phone, fax hook up - sorry. A downstairs bedroom had full length mirrors on one wall removed and the original (house is 40 yr old) phone jack box did not have a face plate. I finally found a new round style face place with 6 connections. Originally there was a 4 wire (green, red, black & yellow) wire that went from the box to the bottom trim of the wall. This wire was disconnected and I connected the new jack red connection to a green/white wire and to the green connection a green/green wire. There is only one of each of the green/while and green/green wires. No dial tone present after hook up. I checked a similar 4 connection jack in a 2nd floor bedroom and there was 2 green/white wires to the red wire connection and 2 green/green wires to the greed wire connection. The new jack was connected to the 2nd floor bedroom jack as mentioned above and a dial tone was present. Can not locate another green/green or green/white wires in the 1st floor bedroom jack box. What am I doing wrong.

Just Bill 04-19-2009 06:48 AM

Not sure on the color codes on the newer multiple pair cables. But I think blue/white is the main line. Check whereever your line comes into the house or if you have that gray junction box, for the right colors.

Chemist1961 04-19-2009 07:23 AM

First, look at your fax cord. The fax doesn't likely require six pins so find a 4 wire jack. My understanding is the phone runs on only two wires and the second pair is for a second phone line or a jack accomadting a two line phone.
Since your house does not require two pairs in the second floor jack, it sounds like the second floor jack you mentioned is likely in the middle of a run which then continues to another room. At the end of that run you will likely find only one complete set of coloured wires.
In many older homes phone jacks were often on the first floor and basement only. If you have two different clours of wiring someone has upgraded along the way.
As JB said you need to find the demarcation point (entry) in the basement and determine the colors there. Wires coming in, if they are old will likely be yellow, red, green, black. Find the first junction in that line and you can likely find where the second floor lines connect and what their pattern is or go to the main level and look at how that jack is wired.
Simpley duplicate the pattern from that point to your new 4 wire jack and you should be fine.
For simplicity, match the positioning of wires to theh pattern used on the second floor as it has the new striped wiring. This wiring is referred to as twisted pair and is low voltage.
If you are really stumped you can just strip the ends and flip the wires teminal to terminal before installing the jack intil you get a dial tone and no static.
Also when stripping this wire breaks easily, leave some slack. I try to strip it with my thumbnail so as not to break the copper inside.:thumbsup:

Call us and let us know how you make out:laughing:

jogan 04-19-2009 08:00 AM

Thanks for your reply. The house does not have a basement. The green/green and green/white are the correct wires as they were only ones stripped back. Also the same color wires are the ones connected to the similar (4 connector) jack on the 2nd floor. The new (6 connector) jack works when connected in place of the existing 2nd floor jack. Two questions - 1) Is one green/green and green/white all that is required?
2) Is it possible the the wire with green, black, red and yellow needs to be connected to the same red & green connector as the green/green and green/white? Thanks for your help.

PaliBob 04-19-2009 11:19 AM

Jogan, I see that you have also posted this question on the Phone Fax/ Wall Jack thread.

It is not good form to double post a question like this because it detracts from responders to the OP of that thread. How would you feel if this thread stated to fill with questions on another subject? It's called Hijacking. Nuff said

Now to help with your question. Here is a phone line color code chart:

And you need a low cost phone line tester. Here is a sample of the different types available. This type of line tester can frequently be found at better hardware stores or Radio Shack.

jogan 04-19-2009 12:43 PM

Thanks for your reply. If you read my original request you will note that I said I incorrectly posted in the wrong area. Being a new member it was not clear the proper way to originate a new post or after making the error the correct way to cancel the incorrect one. I will obtain a tester. I have the old jack (used when mirrors were put on wall) which has the number - 47f (a bell product). It does not have a face plate. I will hook the new jack (face plate and jack one piece) in a similar manner and see if it works.

hayewe farm 04-19-2009 02:11 PM

You should only need two wires (ex. blue and blue white or green and green white) . I believe your connection "red connection to a green/white wire and to the green connection a green/green wire" is reversed if the green/ green white pair is the live pair. Originally you may have had more than on line and the full compliment of connections may not be made through out the structure.

jogan 04-19-2009 10:04 PM

Telephone Jack Connection Problem
You are correct in that one set of wires - green/white & green/green - is all that is required. They were not reversed however I was unable to get dial tone no matter how they were connected. I checked the other phone jacks and remembered that years ago we had a second line put in and 3 of the jack had 2 lines. When we moved several months ago (house is for sale) I had one of the lines transferred to the new residence and kept one for burgular alarm monitoring. The wire set I was connecting without success must have been the line that was cancelled. In looking at other jacks I noticed a set of bright green/white and brighter green/green. I located these in the wire set and stripped and connected and got dial tone. Thanks for the help. This is a great forum

PaliBob 04-20-2009 03:59 AM

Jogan, Thanks for the feedback. It's nice to hear back on how things work out.

Chemist1961 04-20-2009 06:10 AM

Good work.Congratulations

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