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Drea 02-07-2011 11:42 PM

Switching on/off switch in one bathroom, ruined the other. Im stummped.
I changed out the on/off switch in one bathroom and now the light wont go on in the other bathroom unless the light is on in both. Its the weirdest thing. These bathrooms share a wall and the lighting units are opposite each other, but I didn't do anything with any wires to the units.

I opened up the switch panel and changed it out. The wires, as far as I can tell are all in the same place as when they started off on the old switch. Two go in directly in the back and one under a screw on the side, though I did try to put them all under their respective screws, which only lead to the light staying on constantly.. All the wires are black, however, which made things difficult (I'm not at all positive which is hot/ not/and ground).

When I fixed that issue, the light in bath 1 was perfect. Light goes on and off perfectly, but bath 2 is now a mess. Now I have to turn the light on in Bath 1 just to get the light to turn on in bath 2. Though it will go off just fine if I toggle the switch. Go figure.

The only thing I can think to do is to mess with the wires on the switch in bath 1 again. If there is ANY advise anyone could give me, I have an open ear to it, because I'm really frazzled at this turn of events.:huh:

plummen 02-08-2011 12:36 AM

youve got the power wire for other bathroom pigtailed to switched wire instead of the powered side of switch

AllanJ 02-08-2011 06:49 AM

Take all three wires off of the switch. (Don't undo any other wires in the box)

Turn the power back on. Measure voltage from each wire to ground. Only one wire should be live.

Turn on the switch to bath 2. Verify that when you touch the live wire to one of the other wires you turn on bath 1 for a moment and when you touch the live wire to the other wire you turn on bath 2 for a moment.

Turn off the power again.

Cut a short length of black wire (pigtail) and wire nut one end to the live wire and the bath 2 wire. Screw the other end to the switch. (Don't use the holes in the back of the switch.)

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