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switch with travler

Your help would be greatly appreciated,
Wife wants over head light installed instead of wall switched receptacle. Plan is to cut the new ceiling box in between switch and wall receptacle. Bought Cieling Brace & Box Kit. Punched whole in ceiling at correct location, turned correct breaker off (checked with voltage detector) then opened switch and receptacle. At wall switch I found 3 sets of Romex coming into box all 3 neutrals(wht) connected togather, 3 hot (blk) connected and pig tailed to the switch, 3 ground also connected and pigtailed to switch,for me the trickie one is the travler (red). At the receptacle again 3 sets of Romex in, 3 black pigtailed to switch, 3 ground pigtailed to switch, 3 neutrals (wht) all to differant spots in recptacle, and last the pesky Red to the receptacle.


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Hey there

Do you plan on feeding this no light from the switch or the plug, both should work.

In your switch the 3 whites are the neutrals(that is why they are not connected to the switch) your 3 blacks would be a constant hot(it will always have 120V). The red wire is technically not a traveler, travelers are used for 3way and 4 way switches. This red wire would the switch loop, this is only power when the switch is in the on position.

To take power from the switch you would run your wire into that box tie the white onto the other whites. take the red off the switch and make a pigtail with it and then this will switch both the plug and the new light. If you wish not to switch the plug you can tie the red onto the black pigtail.

At the plug you would tie the whites onto the whites and pigtail the red again. Doing it this way the plug will always have to be switched.


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Switch leg

Darren I have another question for you. The wire from the switch to the receptacle needs to be cut to power the new cieling light. This wire has a red (switch leg), black (hot), white (neutral) and ground. I want the switch to power the cieling light. The receptacle to always hot. So would I leave the switch box alone and cut into the 3-wire at the cieling light location? Then, use the red (switch leg) to power the light the white to the neutral and the ground to ground. And last continue with the black, white and ground to the receptacle. Using the same wires the switch is using to power the receptacle now. I know I have to pig tail some of these conections. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP I'll let you know how it turns out
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In order to have one part of the recepticle switched and the other part hot all the time, the original electician probably broke off the jumper on the hot side of the recepticle between the two screws.

I would do it this way so that someone comming behind you would be less likely to be confused if they needed to work on the circuit again.

Leave the switch box alone. Cut into the wire in the attic space. You will need some extra bit of wire and two boxes in order to get enough length to make splices. Wire the whites and grounds all the way through the system.
Wire the red from the switch to the new black from the light. Splice the red on through anyway. At the recepticle remove the red from the device and cap it off and tuck it in the wall box. Run two black pig tails from the two screws on the hot side of the rec and splice them to the incomming and out going blacks. Another way to go would be to buy a new recepticle that does not have the tab broken off yet.
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The red is not a traveler. It is the switched hot wire. If the receptacle is only half switched then you will need to replace it as the tabs between the gold screws will be cut. Connect the new receptacle to exact same way as the old one EXCEPT leave the tab on and don't connect the red wire.

Use the red to connect to the black wire to your new light. Connect the white and ground to the other white and ground wires in the box.
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Thanks for all your help

A big . I have'nt got back in the attic yet because at 44 years old I'm a little sore. But this Saturday I'll be there. Again Thank you all.


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