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JohnTelcoMan 09-04-2007 09:46 PM

Swapping panel out
Swapping my old panel for a new 40 space one and was wondering what restrictions there are on placement of a panel?

My home is a 50's ranch with the current panel being mounted on an outside wall in the basement. I'm looking to mount the new panel on an interior wall about 1' away to gain slack on wires coming to panel and avoid putting in a slew of JB.


JGarth 09-04-2007 10:24 PM

You're Ok...
Well within the "accepted" practice of about 8' from the entrance of the dwelling. I can not be located in a closet, bathroom, or cupboard type enclosure.
With that new panel being 40 ckt capacity it would be a 200a panel/service. The 4/0 AL SE (or 2/0 Cu) cable is going to be tough to turn. Be ready for a little "battle".

Is you home fed underground or overhead....???
Since you didn't disclose whether you have a 200a service now, with just a small panel ... I'm going to assume the "worst" case scenario....
If're going to need an entirely new SE from the drip loop back to your house (ie,..riser).
If underground, that 200a capacity "should" already be it's s meter change out and new SE cable into the panel.
I highly recommend calling your local service provider and getting the correct information.

Stubbie 09-04-2007 10:35 PM

Panel location is subject to approval by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). However, a one foot move is most likely ok unless you are already at the maximum limit from the meter set by the poco and local codes and your 1 foot is in the "wrong direction". It is also possible to get an exception from the ahj . He will base his decision on power utility requirements.

An interior wall may be a problem. Many areas require the service panel to be located on an outside wall. The measurement is then taken form the point of entry of the service entrance conductors to the service panel location.

A panel replacement generally requires permit and inspection with power removed from the dwelling by the poco (meter pulled)during the replacement ,..if.., no remote main disconnect is available other than the main breaker in the service panel.

Ungrounded conductors (not fused) from the meter are not allowed to extend into the house any farther than local authorities deem fit. In most cases this can't be more than 6 to 10 feet max. But in older installations it's anybodies guess. However, if a panel is replaced and your old panel is 20 feet from the meter they will require you to reset it according to present rules set by the codes department unless approval can be obtained from the ahj.


jproffer 09-04-2007 10:37 PM


Well within the "accepted" practice of about 8' from the entrance of the dwelling.
Close. You have to be within 5 (conduit run) feet of the meter...


You have to add an outside disconnect.

Stubbie 09-04-2007 11:03 PM

This would be a local requirement. It varies from one city to another and one state to another. Many service panels are fed by cable (SEU or SER).

Conduit run feet? You mean your area measures the bends in the conduit?


jproffer 09-04-2007 11:33 PM

No that exacting. Here we can only be 5 feet of conduit, cable, or whatever away from the meter unless we have an outside disco.

I'm guessing it has to do with the fire dept being able to kill power (and know WHERE to kill power) during a fire. I.E. - "The shut off is right behind (more or less) this meter."

Although, personally if I was them and there was no other reason to go inside...I'd just pull the meter. If POCO don't like it...tough.

Stubbie 09-04-2007 11:42 PM

Yeah that makes sense. Here the meter has to be on the side of the house nearest the utility power, in some cases that can be either side. Panel must be inside on an outside wall within 6 feet of the meter. No running the service entrance to inside walls. In another jurisdiction over the meter must be on the front of the house nearest where you enter the home. They want to stay out of your backyard according to the literature they provide.

go figure

Don't agree with pulling a meter, lest you know what precautions to take. Pulling a meter under enough load may give you quite a surprise.


JohnTelcoMan 09-05-2007 07:12 AM

Right now the panel is about 1-2 feet horizontaly from the meter so moving away a foot should put me at 3-4.

I guess based on that the only concern now would be if it's acceptable to mount it somwhere other than an exterior wall.

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