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GuyMark 02-06-2011 03:44 PM

SWA cutting / terminating about 20 "ends"
In the next couple of weeks I am co-installing around 120 Metres of 7-core 2.5mm SWA cable for an outside garden which has multiple boxes for lighting control (DMX) and so on.

I have no problem finding the cable, the glands, some nice "Earthing nuts" to make life easy and so on.

My role in the work - and concern is purely one of physically cutting the wire (and to a lesser degree preparing the ends). My work then is done :)

As there are some twenty odd "ends" to prepare, I am quite happy to spend a few quid on a tool or two if it is going to save a few hours of blood sweat and tears.

I have looked at some of the "pipe-cutter" efforts but whenever I see a review, they nearly all suggest that the hacksaw is faster (and of course almost free).

Are there any sub 30 / $50 tools which DO make for a faster job - or is a hacksaw still the best route?

Secondly, what size bolt croppers would folks suggest would handle 7-core 2.5mm SWA - or is there a better tool to avoid deforming the cable? Again I have looked on google and found different thoughts from different people - many of which seem to be punting their own products.

I thought I might find a useful "trick of the trade" on here perhaps. As this is probably the only time for the forseeable future I will be cutting SWA, I don't really want to spend more than about 30-40 / $40-50.

Any constructive comments about the MECHANICAL side of preparing the cable ends would be much appreciated.


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