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Gokussj5okazu 10-08-2013 11:07 PM

Sub-Panel Replacement
Hello all! I've got an interesting situation here I'm dealing with that I need some advice on.

I recently have started renovations on a new house and it's needing some electrical work.

The original setup had 4-2 aluminum feeder for the hot leads running down the side of the house to the meter, wrapped in a stranded neutral. There was no disconnect at the meter. 2-2 with stranded ground was run from the meter to a new 100 amp main-lug box in one of the bedrooms, without a main breaker.

I already plan on replacing the meter box, feeder line, and installing a main disconnect. My problem is though, the box in the bedroom will be acting as a sub-panel.

Would it be acceptable to run 4th conductor along side the 2-2 that is already in place? I would use this as a neutral, and use the previous stranded neutral as the new ground to the main disconnect. Thanks

Jim Port 10-09-2013 04:11 AM

All the conductors need to be in the same raceway or sheath. You will need to replace the cable.

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