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RICKM15752 04-20-2011 11:30 AM

Structured Wiring Panel Location...Fire Rated Wall???
I'm hoping someone can enlighten me about a wall where I propose to install a metal structured wiring panel.

My California, built 1985, two story with attached garage.

The back of the garage shares a wall with a bedroom closet which is my office. On the garage side, this wall is shear ply with 5/8" drywall taped and textured. Also, on the garage side, same wall, is the electrical breaker panel. The garage is completely drywalled with attic storage. In the attic of the garage, where it meets the habitable portion of the house, there is 5/8" drywall, taped.

Now, the bedroom closet... is 1/2" drywall over 2x4 studs, 16 OC. I'm hoping to recess a 42" On-Q brand structured wiring metal enclosure. The installation instructions read, "The enclosure is not fire rated and should not be mounted in fire rated walls."

Low voltage wiring and a 12-2 w ground will penetrate the top plate of this closet and go into the garage attic. I would use rock wool to insulate the wire penetrations.

Is this wall considered "fire rated?" Keep in mind there is the electrical breaker panel, as well as a duplex and a wall light fixture on the same wall, garage side.

Thanks for your time.

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