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OSt8Pokes 02-28-2005 11:14 PM

Stove wiring?
I am replacing a stove and also adding a plugin for the stove.

My old stove had 4 wires....believe it or not, I didn't write down how the connections were.

Now, I am confused. There are only 3 wires that will be going from the pigtail (plugin from the stove to the outlet).

The "house line" is only three wires: black, white and bare copper wire.

How do I wire the "house line" to the plug in?

I believe the packaging of the pigtail said to connect the white wire to the middle prong recepticale....but I am not for sure.

I am way confused. I have messed around with wiring a little, but only with light switches, fans, and bathroom lights...

I need help! Please.....

Confused in East Texas....I am concerned I might be making this too hard.

OSt8Pokes 02-28-2005 11:35 PM

Also, how do I attach the pigtail to the stove? I cannot tell what the polarity of the wiresof the pigtail because they are not marked in any way.

Speedy Petey 03-01-2005 05:53 AM

Your description is somewhat confsing. You say:
"There are only 3 wires that will be going from the pigtail (plugin from the stove to the outlet). " Do you mean the cord being wired to the range?
If so the middle wire of the cord goes to the middle connection inside the range. The other two don't matter. If your old connection was 4-wire then it becomes more difficult. A bonding strap must be replaced which was removed when the 4-wire cord was attached.

You also say the circuit to the receptacle is black, white and bare. Is this just a larger version of romex cable? Or is the bare wire wrapped in a braid around the other two? This makes a big difference. If it is romex type cable it is not legal and never was. It needs to be replaced with a new 4-wire circuit, receptacle and cord.

See this link. It is for a dryer but the information is the same, except your range is a 40/50 amp circuit as opposed to the dryers 30 amp:

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