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JoeyBradshaw 09-24-2010 05:15 PM

Splitting an existing circuit run
I've got a room that is becoming a small server room with 6 to 10 computers. The computers are pulling too much power off the existing run and cause the breaker to flip now and then. I already have the knowledge of running new circuits, installing sub panels, and all the electrical basics so we can skip all that.

I want to split the existing run in this server room in half for the recepticles. The existing run is 14/2 romex on a 15 amp breaker and there are four outlets in the room currently (more outlets in other rooms are on this run too btw). I want to leave the first two receptacles on the existing run and disconnect the third and run a new line (14/2) to the third from the sub panel on a completely new breaker (15 amp). What I’ll end up with is the last two receptacles running off a new dedicated 15 amp breaker and the first two running off the existing 15 amp breaker effectively splitting the run. I do not want to split the receptacle; I want to split the existing run in half. So with that said the gray area for me here is what is the proper way to deal with the left over wire that I disconnect from the third receptacle? I know there is now way to get it out of the wall as its stapled and makes turns. Is it ok with NEC code to disconnect both ends of this wire running between the second and third receptacle, cut both ends flush, mark it as dead, and just leave the wire hanging in the wall outside of both boxes? Or should it remain live with twist nuts placed on the end of the wire inside the third box? Dead seems way better to me but I couldn’t find any information on this particular situation and I want to follow code.


AllanJ 09-24-2010 08:02 PM

If you disconnect both ends then you can push the ends out of the box or otherwise leave the ends buried in the wall.

I like to leave facilities in place for future use so I would disconnect just one end from one receptacle and tape off the ends (or put small individual wire nuts on each end) and leave the ends inside the box.

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