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adoggg 12-15-2011 06:33 AM

Solenoids, water intrusion, and reuse
Hi all,

I'm a first-time-poster with a question about solenoids and water intrusion. I have a rather fancy septic system that uses hydraulic pumps to pump greywater into my yard. This system has a hydraulic unit that contains valves that are opened/closed by a microcontroller using solenoids much like this one: (Bermad S-390-2W)

Since the hydraulic unit and these solenoids are outside (covered, of course), the components are subject to rain and, occasionally, one of these solenoids will go "bad" (presumably because of water intrusion) causing a fuse to blow in my system's control box.

My question is: is there any reasonable chance that I could just disconnect one of these solenoids, bring it inside to dry out for a few days, and then reuse it? Or is it the case that once they are blown, they are done for good? I realize that the answer may depend on the circumstances, but I am curious to know if it's even reasonably possible that one of these could be reused because they are rather expensive.

J. V. 12-15-2011 11:23 AM

Do you have a way to measure ohms? You could remove the wet/bad solenoid, measure the ohms, dry it out, them measure the ohms again. You have two values on the solenoid. Voltage and watts. Using ohms law the good solenoid should read approximately 340 ohms depending on temperature. When you find a bad one, measure it (ohms) and make note of the value. Allow it to dry and see if it returns to the acceptable ohm reading. I am almost sure they are shorted out and need to be replaced. You could always look into a better made solenoid. Good Luck.

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