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lapsis9 12-14-2006 02:26 AM

so lost -electrical requirments please help
Hi All,

We know it's DIY web site but are very lost and were hoping for some advice.
Thanks so much to anyone who can take the time to explain. We had an HVAC system with heat pump and back up heat strips put in last year. Our HVAC installer told us we needed 2 30 amp dedicated circuits for the HVAC heat pump and 1 60 amp dedicated circuit for the heat strips. Long story, but basically we need to have the dedicated circuits redone. We are having an electrician come in to redo the dedicated circuits for our HVAC system. He just quoted us for one 30 amp dedicated circuit to the heat pump. He said he didn't know what the other 30 amp dedicated circuit was for, and didn't know about the 60 amp (both were put in last year for the HVAC by another guy). He quoted us a little over a thousand (with tax & permit) for the work to redo the 30 amp circuit. We are lost. Does this sound right? What about the other 30 amp and 60 amp circuits from last year? Doesn't he need to redo those as well? IF someone could advise as to what all these dedicated circuits are needed for and also any rough estimates as to how much it would cost (we have a one story 820 sq ft house with a 4 ft crawl space underneath, heat pump is in the back of the house) it would be much, much appreciated.

jwhite 12-14-2006 04:31 AM

Is this a split system? (fan section inside the house, with condensors outside) or a package? (the fan section is combined with the condensors and the whole thing is outside)?

I do not understand the need for two 30 amp circuits either. The rest makes sence. I also do not know the extent of the damage that is making you replace the wiring, so I cannot say if it all needs replaced or just part of it.

Manuel6 12-14-2006 08:00 AM

Something is not right...
I have never seen two dedicated 30 amp circuits for one heat pump, unless you are in fact installing two heat pumps. That said, if your system is a split system, the heat pump will be outside, and then there will be another indoor unit (air handler) that may be located possibly in a closet, attic, crawlspace, garage etc. Now, the 60 amp dedicated circuit is required for the back-up heat strip that is installed in your air handler. Sometimes ice will collect on the coils of the heat pump. The heat pump, when this happens, will attempt to melt the ice by kind of going into a defrost mode (crude explanation but roughly accurate). When the heat pump goes into "defrost mode" it will signal to the back up heat strips in your air handler to turn on, allowing the warming of air to continue while the heat pump is temporarily out of commission. This is why you need that second dedicated 60 amp circuit.

With respect to the cost to install the dedicated 30 amp circuit, the electrician's quote sounds a bit high; however, I don't know the circumstances and what all needs fixing, so I am really pre-judging. I hope this helps. Post some more details so that we can provide you with some more info. Good luck!

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