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fabster 11-10-2012 10:08 AM

should I leave flex conduit in the walls?
So I have a bathroom light switch on my 1960s ranch that currently is outside the bathroom door. I want to move it into the bathroom. Since I am also adding a bathroom fan I will be rewiring the light to a 2-gang box using new romex from the panel. However, the current switch is wired via a flex conduit that comes from the attic down to the receptacle that is likely stapled to the inside of the stud. I will attempt to remove the existing switch box but although I would love to remove the flex conduit entirely from the wall, I may be unable to unless I open a large hole(s) on the wall to find all of the staples. I would prefer not to have to make the holes.

My question is, if the conduit is cut flush to the access hole in the attic and the switch box is removed from within the wall, can I close the hole where the original receptacle was and leave the flex conduit/wire in the wall?


rjniles 11-10-2012 10:36 AM

As long as the wire is disconnected at both ends, you can abandon the flex in place.

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