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shop light conversion from pull chain to light switch

folks i have a T8 flourescent shop light that is a plug in (not hard wired) with a pull chain, instead of using the pull chain i want to convert to a light switch, but leaving the power source as a plug in.

when i removed the cover to the light , i see two black wires going into the pull chain switch.

how do i go about converting this



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Plug the fixture into your switched source and leave the pullchain switch in the on position.


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i'm not sure i understand you correctly. The light has a pull cord in the lamp assembly. But you want a light switch on the wall? Why are you opening up the lamp?

If I'm understanding you correctly, you need a half switch outlet (flipping a switch turns on the outlet, that powers the lamp). Leave the pull cord on the lamp always in the on position.

I wanted something similar in a rental that I was in. So I couldn't make any wiring changes. They had a switch single light bulb in one end of the garage. So I got a bulb socket to 2 prong adapter, plugged in the fluorescent, left the pull cord on, and that was my switched lighting for the entire garage. Not ideal, but that's what I had to work with.

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Turn the light on with the pull chain and tie the chain up out of the way. Replace the duplex receptacle with a switch/receptacle combo Wire it so the switch controls the receptacle.
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The switch/receptacle combo may not work. Shop light outlets are usually up near the ceiling.

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issue solved

the shop light is going over a work bench, ceiling is 10 feet high, outlet is behind tool chest

i just plugged the shop light into a power strip, hung the power strip in arms reach at the work bench, will just toggle the power strip on/off when i need the light
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Ok leave the pull chane in the on position. I dont know what your setup is but if you can run a feed to a single gang box 14/2 than from the single gang box run a 14/3 up to the receptacle. I am assuming it is a duplex. Take out the duplex receptacle and break off the tab in between the brass side of the receptacle ONLY. Now connect in the receptacle box put the red wire on the top screw and the black wire on the bottom screw. The white wire must be pigtailed so attach a small piece of white wire to the white coming from the switch and put the pigtail on any of the silver screws. Also connect the ground or bare wire to the green screw. Now back at the switch your are going to need to make a few pig tails. Connect the two blacks together and add a piece of black wire about 6 inches to the other two blacks. Wire nut them. Than just wirenut the two whites together they do not need a pigtail. Connect your grounds together with a green wirenut and attach to the green screw on the switch. put the red on the other brass screw and button everything up. You just made a half switched receptacle. Half of the receptacle will be hot always and the other half will work off of the switch. I will make a diagram in paint for you if you want. This is also assuming you are using plastic boxes. If not let me know.


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