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shocking doorknob

I was recently shocked when touching the doorknob to an exterior door in a foyer. I noticed it for the first time after living one year in a 1930s house with original everything. At the time I was barefoot on dry concrete. I took a voltage meter and measured about 60 volts.

Examination of the situation revealed that the latch was in contact with metal wall paneling, over which there is a raceway running on top. The other day the circuit breaker finally tripped and am now in sleuthing mode. The circuit is on the same as ceiling fans I had installed, so have disassembeled those to recheck the connections.

What is the best way to address this problem? The breaker stays tripped.


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You have a dead short----Use a meter to see what hot wire is now grounded-----

An electrician will be along shortly to explain.-----Mike----

Also see if any outlets are installed into that metal wall covering---outlet screw might be in contact with the sheeting.


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put the meter to read OHMS or audible for a short .......touch the knob and each wire in the fan connection box all disconnected wires... you should narrow it down to which wire is shorted to the door...what your looking for is what you see when you put the leads together or even a bounce on the screen...if you have the 115V feed isolated up in the ceiling put the breaker back on and check it for 115V and see if it holds or trips again..
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I know you mention metal wall paneling I think a very good possiblty a nail may hit the conductors or cable that can cause a short.

To determed what conductor is causing a short you will need a DVM and set it on OHMS scale Warning make sure there is no voltage is present when you do this otherwise it may damage your DVM on ohms scale.

To find which one you will have to read black and green or bare conductor to see if that did make a hard swing over near zero or show near zero on display counter on DVM do the same with white to bare and black to white to see which one { I am pretty sure it is black for sure but check it out and see which side it causing }

There were couple goodies I did found before that casue simauir situation which someone did use the door casing as thruway for the cable that took me just couple minuites to find it. { a nail did part of it and flying splices were a final deal with that circuit }

But to pin point excat spot is not super easy but it can be done to find it first try to unscrew the screw do one a time to see if that reading did disappair if did not disappair then it may be a nail that cause the issue.

if more than one nail hit then I will suggest that you run a new cable to get around with it.

The answer will be based on NEC ( National Electrical code ) or CEC ( Cananda Electrical code ) or ECF ( Electrique Code France )
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Ok, there's a circuit made with neutral on ground or the metal square outlet box that is physically in contact with the MC flexible metal cable serving as 'ground'. This eventually makes contact with the service panel, and if I'm not mistaken, the neutral bus.

What next? I'll look around some for a correct answer. Suggestions welcome and thanks to those who already helped.

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