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WillK 04-22-2011 07:17 AM

Service mast questions
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Okay, I'm going to be putting up a service mast, new meter, etc on the end of my utility room. It's a brick wall with a aluminum siding gable roof. The gable end sticks out 2" or so from the brick wall, and then at the top the roof doesn't have any overhang, just drip edge hanging over.

So if I anchored the pipe to the wall at the brick with unistrut, does the pipe have to rest against the unistrut or is a gap acceptable?

Would I put the pipe against the aluminum siding and notch the drip edge, or should I have some gap to the siding so it clears the drip edge?

And should I use an offset pipe so the meter can stay flush at the brick wall?

In the picture, the new location for the service entrance is the smaller room at the back of the house.

J. V. 04-22-2011 10:50 AM

Why not use 2" Unistrut behind the meter can and the service mast? Everything nice and tight and looks good to. You can build up Unistrut. Like take two pieces and stack them. They make special nuts (spring nuts) to connect the unistrut together. Use the spring nuts for the meter can and stacking the channel. Then use Unistrut clamps for the riser.

Use Tapcons (blue concrete) screws to attach to the brick.

nap 04-22-2011 11:22 AM


So if I anchored the pipe to the wall at the brick with unistrut, does the pipe have to rest against the unistrut or is a gap acceptable?
Ok, I have already changed my design 3 times. I'm going to actually post this one.

Use unistrut (made in 13/16" (usually called 7/8 or shallow in my area), 1 5/8" (deep) and 3 1/4" (double)) deep enough to allow the pipe to go past the drip edge when installing a piece of strut on the gable end. If you have access to a bender, I would toss an offset below the gable end so you can use shallow strut for the conduit on the brick and no strut for the meter base.

If you don't have a bender available; use strut as needed to outset the meter base so it mounts as suggested above as if passes over the gable end and beyond.

Are you moving your service disconnect/panel as well? You must have a disconnect as close as practicable where the power enters the building.

WillK 04-22-2011 08:44 PM

Thanks, just the kind of suggestions I need.

From the meter, I'll be going straight through the wall to my new 200A panel which I am currently using as a sub-panel off the current 100A main.

I was thinking of using this offset riser that is available at Home Depot, it's a 2" pipe with 2 bends in it to make an offset. It costs $79. If I can avoid the offset, then rigid metal conduit is $54 or so, so saves a good chunk. Enough to pay for the unistrut, but I'd need that anyway.

frenchelectrican 04-23-2011 01:24 AM

If you going to move the service riser to diffrent location the best answer is check with the POCO due there are few regulations you have to follow the POCO's regulations for service drop attachement for overhead runs and clearance issue as well.

One way you can do is make a telescope to raise the height of attachement point by using the rigde conduct { thick wall steel pipe } and strut channel and also backguy wire it.

Before you do anything make sure you get proper permits for this set up.


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