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service entrance wire

What type and size wire is needed to carry a load from meter box to service panel 150amps. About 200 ft under ground. I am going run it through electrical grade pvc


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Please check with the power company to be certain this is your responsibility. Also, contact the electrical inspector before buying any materials or starting any work.
I can only make suggestions as every jurisdiction has their own rules and regulations. You can use my suggestions for your material list and to shop for the best price. You should contact a licensed and insured electrician or contractor. They can verify your project is NEC compliant and you can proceed.

A 150 amp service requires 2/0 aluminum or #1 copper conductors. Article 310.15(B)(6).
This distance is substantial. Using this voltage drop calculator,, you will need 4/0 aluminum or 2/0 copper conductors. (wires). Direct buried or in conduit. This is calculated at 3% drop.
There are several types of wire suitable for this project. Aluminum direct burial wire is by far the least expensive and the most widely used. You must ask your electrician or do some shopping for the type wire you can/want to use. PVC conduit is great, but really not required for this. PVC shedule 80 should be used whenever the wires leave the ground to enter an enclosure such as the meter can or disconnect on the opposite end. This is (schedule 80) only required when the conduit is "subject to physical damage". Like mowers and other equipment.
These conductors direct buried shall be at least 24" below grade. Table 300.5

Once again. Please check your local ordinances.


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Like J.V. says, check to see what is locally required and if you can even legally do this. Where I built my own house, I dug the trench and laid the conduit, but only the power company can pull the conductors.
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Maybe its different in other areas, but around here our demarcation point is the connections on an overhead service drop. The homeowner owns the wire dropping down to the meter and on. The power company owns the connections and overhead service conductors back to the transformer. On an underground feed it is at the meter. The homeowner owns the meter and the power company owns the conduit and the wire going back to the transformer. In either case the homeowner is responsible or the wire from the meter to the panel. I assumed it was the same way everywhere, guess not
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I don't know your situation, but perhaps you can call the electric company, have someone come out and look... See if they can locate the meter where you plan to run these wires to?

Then they would foot the bill! Or perhaps some of it?
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