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WillK 08-19-2011 09:46 AM

Service entrance wire
When last I posted here, I had finally got my rough inspection passed:

Today, just short of 2 months later, the POCO finally moved their connection to my new service entrance.

I have a question though... I'm using 4/0 aluminum for everything going to the panel as required by code, as I understand it. And I knew to expect that an overhead line can be smaller. But my 4 gauge solid aluminum wire that was being used when I had 100 amp service is the same wire that they moved over and connected to the 200 amp service.

(I think it's 4-gage, I only really had a tape measure on hand for measuring, so I measured the wire as being about 3/16" diameter. That's wire without insulator, with the insulation it was 5/16" and I could see it was solid and not stranded.)

I've read elsewhere of 1/0 being used for 200 amps, and that this is the POCO's jurisdiction and isn't covered by NEC... And I know that overhead wire can be smaller because it gets more cooling from air that can be moving, but this is a huge difference in size and I can't help feeling a little uncertain as to whether this is really right...

Code05 08-19-2011 09:57 AM

It is just the way it is. Power company is under NESC. They could probably use a #10 for the supply and get away with it. Forget about it.

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