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goaskandy 09-09-2011 03:00 PM

Service Entrance Safety
I need to do some soffit and gutter work on my house. I have one last six foot section of gutter to remove which is directly over the low voltage service lines coming into my house. I'm 99% sure I can remove the gutter without touching the wires at all, but because of that 1% chance of a slip I need some more information before I consider doing this. This is where I am looking for advice.

I can call the local hydro company and for $350 they will cover the wires with a conductive cover. If I get this done, does it mean I can safely "touch" the cover without fear of becoming a human light-bulb? If the answer is yes, could I then save myself $350 and place something else over the wires such as a rubber mat or a piece of thick carpet? The reason I am asking is because I appreciate the safety issue. I'm very comfortable working 20 feet in the air on a ladder and don't mind working directly beside or under the entrance - it's the "directly over" part that makes me pause. I'm not against paying for a professional but the amount of work I have to do is literally going to take 30 seconds.

Related to this, in my mind it seems that since the wires are insulated and wrapped around each other that assuming no breaks in the insulation that I could actually grab the wires as-is - not that I'm going to - just trying to understand this. Also, are the lugs that join the service wires to the entrance wires insulated? Clearly the wire insulation has been stripped back where it goes into the lug and that part is exposed, but I'm curious about the other parts.

Just looking for some helpful facts so I can make a safe and informed decision.


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