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WillK 04-21-2011 01:27 PM

The service entrance move and upgrade to 200 A
So I think I have a pretty good grasp of what to do to prepare for a service entrance move and upgrade I have planned. Let me describe what I plan to do, then I have a question.

I already have in place a 200 amp panel currently being used as a subpanel off of a 100 amp main panel.

So what I need to do is have a service mast in place with the weather head, have 3' of wire sticking out of the weather head, have the mast attached in at least 2 places, have the meter socket in place and have the wire from the socket to the 200 amp panel in place.

So once this work is done, I have my inspector inspect it, once it passes I call the POCO and within 2 days they come out, disconnect the old 100 amp wires and run new 200 amp wires to the new hookup.

So in these few days, I'm unable to use my 200 amp panel which currently is running the kitchen and the second floor.

My question is if there's any way of doing this without having the circuits on the 200 amp panel inoperative between the point I'm ready for inspection and when the 200 amp goes live?

I've looked at going from the meter to a seperate disconnect, but that seems a bit pricey.... Or maybe could I do a temporary hookup on a 100 amp panel that continues to run off the old 100 amp panel in place of the 200 amp sub?

WillK 04-21-2011 03:10 PM

The panel is a 200 amp panel which I put in as a sub with the intention of later making it the main panel, and with the even more eventual intention that all circuits on the 100 amp original main panel are going to be rewired to current code and run off the 200 amp panel, and eventually the 100 amp main panel will be eliminated.

The 200 amp panel is running off a 60 amp breaker, so it's not being used as a 200 amp subpanel.

Techy 04-21-2011 04:42 PM

if your 200 a 'sub' panel has a 200A main, the inspector may allow you to leave the 60A feeder between the two panels, then your 100a main panel would become a 60a sub when the POCO switches the feed. assuming Old meter is staying in place until switchover

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