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FSE0001 08-22-2010 05:23 PM

Service Entrance Interior Conduit Requirement
Hello everyone. I hope this will seem like an elementary question. I am upgrading an overhead 100 amp service entrance to an underground 200 amp entrance. Details have required the new meter base to be located beyond the 10' requirement, so a locally approved meterbase with disconnect is part of the project. SE cable will then go the 22 - 23' from the new base/disconnect to the existing breaker box using a standard 4/0 grouped cable (this way the old 100 amp distibution box will be updated eventually and have a full 200 amp system) - Requirements locally and in an old NEC copy of course identify the details of the feed through conduit from the base/disconnect as it goes into the building. Unfortunately I cannot find anything specifying the need for conduit the entire length. I have a local code requirements for a "drip loop" and support within 12" of each end, and 30" throughout the run, which leads me to believe that the conduit is not necessary in addition to it being isolated with the 200A disconnect, but niether say one way or the other.
Can anyone verify whether new NEC requires conduit for the full length? The cost and the labor to do either will be about the same, so it doesn't matter wether I do or don't in that regard, I just want to know and possibly anticipate any future NEC requirements of the same as well.

Jim Port 08-22-2010 08:58 PM

Conduit would only be required if the cable was subject to physical damage. I don't know why you would need drip loops inside a structure.

Since you ahve an outside disconnect, the panel inside should be fed with a 4 wire feeder like SER cable. The neutrals and ground will be isolated in the inside panel.

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