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Not sure what you mean 3 ft requirement. Any wires within 6 ft of the attic entrance (aka scuttle) need running boards for protection of the wires code 336-6b


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I really appreciate all of your perspectives.

I am afraid of drilling. I know that removing material affects the way it behaves. This material happens to be keeping tons of shingles from falling on my head. I'd rather not mess with it. I did read one article that described the tension that exists in the truss as primarily on the ouside edges. It argued bending and flexing would stretch and compact those areas more than the center of the 2 by 4. The article argued that holes drilled in the center of the stud would not impact the integrety of the truss, but notching the 2 by 4 on the edge should be avoided as this might weaken the truss.

I'm just going to stay away from drilling.

And I do want to stay in code. My interpretation of the code is that, for spaces like mine that are unsuitable for storage, there is only a 3 foot requirement from the edge of any flooring. Our discussion revealed that this is likely because foot traffic up there will not be common and the potential for damage from being stepped on is very small. I have about 32 sq ft of flooring up there, just enough to work on our air exchanger, so that gives me lots of room to work with.

My solution is to run the wire down the side of the truss/joist as long as my length will allow before stepping it up and over. This minimizes the potential for damage and, according to the code, offers me some freedom for putting plywood up there in the future for storage, keeping it 3 ft from the wire.

Thanks again guys. PLEASE let me know if I've got the wrong idea. Otherwise, I've got work to do.

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Originally Posted by mr leak
you will not find any homes that I built in the last 30 years that have any holes drilled thru any truss members except one that the idiot home owner did to rum some speaker wires without asking NOT ALLOWED period
You might wNt to go dounle check that info. There are restrictions in where they can be drilled at, and what type of trusses that this is allowed with.
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Originally Posted by Jim Port

Your inspectors must be quite lax. Trusses should not be drilled.
Certain types are allowable to be drilled in the bottom chord, and where. And no, inspectors are not lax, there are certain rules that the manufactures state as to where and which makeup of trusses are allowable to be drilled into.


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