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langrm2 07-08-2011 06:24 AM

security flood light keeps blowing out
I added a dust to dawn security light over my garage door. no big deal, pretty simple i thought. i have replaced and added receptacles before. Everything in my garage is powered off the main on (1) 20amp curcuit, all daisy chained together. The only thing running all the time is a second frig and the security light and the only things wired are receptacles w/GFI protection and overhead lights.

Problem: About every three to four months the security light bulb blows. These bulbs are suppose to last 10,000 hours. Not only does the bulb blow the light no longers work. I don't understand! I connect the wires correctly i thought. Hot to hot (black), Neutral to neutral (white to white) and ground to ground (bare wire).

Any ideas?

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