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walt1122 04-12-2011 09:02 AM

sealtite not plastic underground?
Hi all, Can I use sealtite instead of plastic conduit underground to feed a septic grey water pump 20A about 30 feet from the house to the septic tank. Builder used plastic down the wall then ran outside UV wire outside of the conduit to the pump station put it back in plastic up the column to the box so it looked like it was in plastic the whole way. They he only burried the unprotected wire 4 inches down. Where he did put the wire in plastic he used umteen elbows ( least 5 90's to follow the contour of the house and footings. Suffice to say I have fix this and it would be a whole lot easer to run if I could use something more flexable.



oleguy74 04-12-2011 09:11 AM

if seal-tite is rated for direct bury okneeds to be at least 18" deep.24 is better.sch 40 grey pvc house to pump.

walt1122 04-12-2011 10:19 AM

Hi oleguy74, I get
if seal-tite is rated for direct bury ok.
needs to be at least 18" deep
24 is better
but what does "sch 40 grey pvc house to pump" mean?
I was asking if I could run sealtite INSTEAD of sch 40 grey pvc house to pump.

I figred I needed to have it at the 18" depth but all the bends in the sch 40 grey pvc house to pump would be easier if I could use sealtite. There is sandstone at about 6-7 inches so I know I have some jackhammering to do and that is why he didn't do it. To lazy!

But let me ask if there is ANYTHING that I can use so I don't have to hammer out the rock.



J. V. 04-12-2011 10:50 AM

While sealtight can be buried, it is a waste of materials and also looks like crap. Run PVC conduit from the source to the pump. Here you can transition to sealtight for the motor connection.
PVC only needs to be down 18".

walt1122 04-12-2011 11:45 AM

Hi J.V., I agree about the crappy look but I have 360 degree worth of bends. Isn't there something in the code talking about the number of bends/degrees, 360 or less or less than 360 degree worth of bends? Three 90's to get past the block over the footings and then out towards the pump where I need another one to go up to the control box. Thought it would be easier to just run the sealtite.



nap 04-12-2011 04:10 PM

yes, you are limited to 360 of bends between pull points. That is for a rigid type of conduit or flexible.

aryanaa 04-14-2011 03:39 AM

Plastic Ducting has now become by far the most commonly used way of protecting pipes and cables that are laid underground, both in domestic houses and gardens and in commercial installations such as under roads or playing fields. Whilst clay ducts are still often used in certain larger commercial projects, it is equally likely that larger bore plastic pipes will be found in today's construction sites. Providing ducting is laid correctly, it offers a number of benefits to an underground installation. Ducting primarily gives protection to the cable or pipe within from ground movement and animal activity, but it also alerts any future installation to the presence of a pipe or cable, often preventing costly damage and remedial works. It also makes it far easier to replace existing cables, or even add more, without the need for large excavation works.

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