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helpless handyman 04-09-2008 08:18 AM

Sconce light height?
Hi all, I am wondering what is the appropriate height for a sconce fixture? What's the rough in height on the box? Thanks

nap 04-09-2008 08:28 AM

well, the real answer is;

whatever you want the heighth of the sconce to be.

I realize that is not much of an answer but you first must realize, there are different types of sconces and some are better placed quite high, some are intended to be lower. In many bathrooms, there are sconces on either side of a mirror so the mirror governs the height. I have installed huge sconces that would be extremely obtrusive if placed low enough to walk into (they stuck out better than 1 foot).

So, where is this sconce? How big is it? What kind of room is it? Is it being used in relation to something else (such as the bath expample, or next to a fireplace or beside a picture, etc.

Randell Tarin 04-09-2008 06:10 PM

Nap is correct. It depends on your application. If the sconces are going in a bathroom then you have to ask yourself how high the mirror over the sink/vanity will be.

AND If you're married, trust me on this one, it depends on how tall your wife is. Mine is only 5' tall and she requests proper lighting for makeup. I also lower light switches a bit for her.

If your placing them on either side of a couch or a bed, then you'll want to ask yourself if these lights will be for reading or just for ambiance. The horizontal spacing is also important.

Bottom line. It's subjective.

helpless handyman 04-09-2008 07:02 PM

Thanks Guys for both of the Great answers. They're acutually going on the side of a doorway, one on each side. One more question, on a 11X12ft room, how many high hats or cans should be appropriate for lighting this area? Its a basement room. Thanks. I was thinking on 4, 2 on each switch, but might be an over kill and I don't have stocks with the electric Co., lol. Thanks

nap 04-09-2008 07:54 PM

well, again, it becomes subjective although there are better guides to direct you.

I do not know offhand what the recommended light level for a living space is (and this also depends on what type of living space we are dealing with) but you can get photometric data online or from a real lighting supply house to aid in determining how much light you need and what lights and how many will provide that amount of light.

Cans tend to have a poor coverage area, especially if the ceiling is not very high so more of a lesser wattage would be better than fewer of a higher wattage.

If this is a tv room, you would want a lower light level overall. If this is a play room or a pool room, you would want more light.

If you have task lighting in addition to the general lighting, this changes things as well.

Sorry about the lack of exacting specs but our work really is more difficult than avoiding getting shocked.

Randell Tarin 04-09-2008 08:52 PM

What worked for us was a dual circuit track light. Fixtures come and all sizes and flavors, allowing you to direct the light where you want it in the form and amount you want. The dual circuit allows you to have multiple lights that can be moderated by two dimmers for numerous lighting conditions.

We can lower the lights for watching our home theater or adjust mood lighting for dining or entertaining. It's very versitile.

With cans, you're stuck with whatever you install.

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