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jim.thornton 09-30-2010 09:09 PM

Is this safe? Will it pass code?
Hello All,

I've wired some wall sconces (4 of them) with a set of three way switches. When I wired them, I did it wrong. When I first set it up, it was like this:

Supply -> Switch (2 wire)
Switch -> Light 1 (3 wire)
Light 1 -> Light 2 (3 wire)
Light 2 -> Light 3 (3 wire)
Light 4 -> Switch (3 wire)

I realized that I did it wrong when the board was up and taped, so it was to late for me to run 2x14/2 in between the lights. As a result, I re-wired the switches like so:

Supply -> Switch 1 (2 wire)
Switch 1 -> Switch 2 (3 wire)
Switch 2 -> Light 1, Light 2, Light 3, Light 4

I still have 3 wire running in between each light fixture, but with this setup (Supply -> Sw 1 -> Sw 2) I only need 2 wire from Sw2 all the way through Light 4.

Is it safe to leave the 3 wire between each light fixture? If so, should I cut off the red wire, cap it off or connect it into the black wire?

Will it pass final inspection?

Note: I live in Ontario, so this is the electrical code I'm concerned with.

nap 09-30-2010 09:17 PM

if this was the US, there wouldn't be a problem with the spare wire. Just cap it in each light box. (again in the US) you cannot parallel the wires. (illegal due to the size).

I would suggest leaving the typical 6" tail in case you find a need for it in the future. Obviously put wire nuts on all ends.

I know it is not definitive but the more I read from my Canadian brothers of the spark, NEC and CEC is similar in many aspects.

hang on for one of the Canadian guys to either confirm or tell me I am wrong.

regardless of it being legal or not, it is not unsafe.

jim.thornton 09-30-2010 09:21 PM

Perfect... I didn't think tying the red into the black would be a good idea, but wasn't sure.

Thanks for your help, I'll wait for some Canadian advise to confirm.

joed 09-30-2010 09:28 PM

Same advise. Leave the red wire capped in the back of the box. Never know when you might want if for something like a fan power.

jim.thornton 09-30-2010 09:59 PM

Thank you. Should I cap off the red wires in every box, or should I connect the red in the middle boxes and cap off the ends?

nap 09-30-2010 10:25 PM


Originally Posted by jim.thornton (Post 509601)
Thank you. Should I cap off the red wires in every box, or should I connect the red in the middle boxes and cap off the ends?

wouldn't make much difference in my mind.

everything there is pretty much disconnected anyway

AllanJ 10-01-2010 06:58 AM

Do not cut off the loose ends.

joed 10-01-2010 02:53 PM

Cap the two red together with one wire nut instead of two separate ones. Wire nuts count for box fill in CEC.

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