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Did it myself 01-16-2009 06:26 PM

running wires in a vaulted ceiling
I'm wondering if my inspector will give me a problem with running wires above the vapour barrier and insulation in my vaulted ceiling. I don't want to drill through the engineered trusses to keep insulation around the wires. It seems the only choice I have is to run my wires above the insulation. My code book mentions something about derating ?, and that its also up to the inspector's discretion as to weather or not to allow this practice. I currently have 8 items on this 15 amp circuit. Should I maybe not max out (12) in case he deems the circuit to be derated?

II Weeks 01-16-2009 10:29 PM

what are the 8 items amps combined and how far away is the panel and what size wire is it?

Running wires above the vapor barrier should be OK

Did it myself 01-17-2009 07:37 AM

thanks for responding .

I've used 14 2 wire, the 8 items are; 4 recepticles, 2 pendant light fixtures, and a ceiling fan with a light. I will have a seperate switch for fan and light so I've considered the ceiling fan two seperate items (is that correct) . I'm not sure how to rate the amperage of any of those items. I haven't bought the light fixtures yet, and I don't know what to rate general purpose recepticles. The current circuit run is about 75 feet.

I've hooked up a three way switch to the ceiling fan. One light switch is directly in line with the ceiling fan so the wire has nicely followed along the truss down into the wall, but the other light switch is across the room and I have to cross over all the trusses, this is the only wire that puts me above the insulation.

I could run the wire for my other light switch down the opposite side of that same truss into the opposite wall, but it wold be a much longer run.

I'm wondering what the exact code is for wires in unregulated temperatures. And what does derating mean exactly?

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