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iMisspell 12-03-2008 12:42 AM

Running wires in a shower wall ?
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As im laying out some switches/outlets and come to a spot where a fan and shower light switch(s) would be convent, on the side of a shower wall.

I was not sure if this was ok, it does not seam like a good idea to me so i just framed the wall out alittle and put the box on the end.

But i would like to know if it would have been ok to do this.

Speedy Petey 12-03-2008 06:02 AM

I assume you mean on the opposite side of the wet wall and not IN the shower stall?

There is absolutely no restrictions to plumbing piping with regard to electrical wiring.
Wiring and boxes can be in the same bay, even 1/4" away from plumbing.

It is a long standing wives tale that you can't have wiring near plumbing. For some strange reason DIY'ers and newbies always have the immediate misconception that there is something wrong with it.

iMisspell 12-03-2008 10:31 AM

:) Yes, opposite side.

Something just didn't seam right about placing a box in a wall which one side of the wall will be drenched with water... but thinking about it, guess its no different then an exterior wall.

Isn't there a 6" spacing rule when running piping and wire together ?
Like if you need to get your home runs down the length of a basement and the water lines where on the same side ?

And also, no pipes above a panel ?

Maybe these are things which the local inspectors around here pre-fure, but are not really a code issue.
Just the other day i picked up a GE sub-pannel. I was telling a friend who has been in the field for around 8 years (he has helped me alot and i dont like tonag him with questions :) ) and he the inspector would want the main pannel and sub-pannel to be the same brand (or i would have to use some kind of breaker in the main panel which Murry and GE likes ??? ). I thought that was odd... so i returned the pannel (HD) and then had to go to the local supply house to find a Murry pannel... i told the guy there the scoop and he said it dont matter, then i said i was gonna get it inspected and he said ohh... and sent me off to Lowes cause they only had 20/40 Murray panels in stock.

Guess its not so much the code all the time, but how the inspectors what to run the show ?


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