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running wire questions

this is my understanding of how to do it, with some questions....
1.get some electrical boxes & wire
2. drill holes for wire and put up boxes
3.start wire from where the supply comes in annd run to 1st box
4. cut off.leave alittle of other end in box to next box and repeat #4 this all the way around room

is this right? am having electric co. hitch it up after it is run.
is there a certain average spacing between boxes? this is for a garage.
also, not sure how to do the one outdoor outlet i need. do i just cut a hole in the building, reverse the box? thank you for any and all help. is wiring expensive? jude


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I would recommend your first step would be to call the electrical contractor first and get him to do it all.

Have you contacted an electrical contractor and there willing to come and hook it up after you run all the wires. If i was an contractor i would probably run the other way if someone asked me that.

If someone has agreeded to this you have the steps in the right order. Leave a 10-12" of extra wire at each plug.


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regarding previous post

the reason i am doing it myself is because i am broke. yes, the elec. contractor will hook it up when i'm done running the wire... why do you need 12" of extra wire at the boxes? the elec. contractor is the only one where i live and if you have a small job for him to do, the more likely he will actually eventually come to your house.if it's a big job, count on waiting at least a year. do i then strip the wires at the ends? and how do i hook them up to the boxes? also, the issue of the outside box..... do i need a specail h2o proof box and can it be hooked up in conjunction w/ the rest of the boxes along the way? anyways, your suggestion that i call a contractor may be good advice, however i searched for this DO IT YOURSELF site for a reason. i am mearly asking for help. is that not what this site is for? if not, i apologize. jude
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That's the process in simplified terms. Try to run at least two separate circuits in garage to prevent overloading if you use any kind of power tools. I personally like to run #12 wire with 20 amp breakers and recepticles in a garage, if you can get power feeds back to the panel.
Two boxes on each wall should be enough for general use. (Offficially should be no more than 12 feet between any two boxes , and a box within two feet of a corner). Try to locate the outside box so that it will sit flat on one piece of siding if you have any kind of lapped siding, and put if directly on side of a stud so you can run a couple of screws inside the box to hold it flush with the face of the siding. Outside recepticle needs to be GFCI, with weatherproof cover (can be on circuit with other ones). All wires need to be stapled no more than 8 " from where they enter the boxes. Six to eight inches at each box is sufficient, but 12 can't hurt, the electrician will cut where ever he wants. Usually located 16 to 20" above floor to bottom of box, 42 if they will be above a work bench.

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thanks troubleseeker.useful info. jude
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