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ADKstorm 09-27-2007 09:23 AM

Running wire
I have a raised ranch. The front entrance is about 3.5 feet higher than the lower floor (lower floor is slab on grade), so I have stairs going down to the lower floor and stairs going up to the upper floor from the entrance. I am remodeling the lower floor. I need to run wire to the wall that makes up the side next to the stair. At the top of this wall is a double floor joist (for upper floor) right in line with this wall making it difficult to run thru the joists, thru the double joists (not sure if it could be done or that I want to since it is bearing) and then down in the wall. I would like to run the wire down a wall on the other side and under the stair (thru stair landing floor joists) to the wall I need to reach. Are they any issues, concerns, or code violations by doing this? Will the UL inspector be fine with this when I get the electrical inspected? See picture below for plan layout.

I live in New York State.

Thanks for your comments/opinions/answers in advance! :thumbsup:

Cache 09-27-2007 11:43 AM

Not a problem where I'm at if the hole through the joist doesn't excess a certain diamter. I use a 1" bit for the holes. I'm not in NY though.

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