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Robbro137 08-21-2009 04:08 PM

Running Under ground wire
I currently have a wire running from my power supply to my barn/workshop via power poles. I want to try to run it underground, but I am not sure what it the best way to run it and what to run it with.
One plan was to run it through the attic and down through the garage to the east side of the house then underground from there. The whole run is approximatly 200ft
It currently supports a 60A breaker from the service box. what will run there is a 2" well, lights, a stick rod welding machine (an old one), and a couple of power tools. I will not be using the welder and the power tools at the same time.
Any advice on running the wire or the best place to get information?
would running it close to the septic line be a problem?
and would I be able to use any of the existing line?


^ _______
^ | |
^ | barn |
^ |_____|
_________ ^
| | ^
*| house | ^

* service poll ^septic line

PaliBob 08-21-2009 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by Robbro137 (Post 317505)
..... Any advice on running the wire or the best place to get information?.....

Robbro, Welcome to the Forum.
There are some real experts (not me) on this forum where you will get a lot of good advice.

I would start as the first place to get information would be from your local Building & Safety Department. The local codes vary, so your Office would be the best source to find the requirements in your part of Texas.

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