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Running RG6 Cable

I am trying to run some RG6 coaxial cable myself, and have a couple of quick questions. The only way I can do it myself is to run it straight down from the outlet box in the wall. I am running it from main floor into my finished basement. There is not insulation between the drywall ceiling downstairs and the floor upstairs. I dropped the cable into that area (between floor joists) and ran it to the cable source. The area between those two joists (and between the downstairs ceiling and upstairs floor) functions as a cold air return. It is closed off on the ends by sheet metal. I cannot access most of the distance that the return runs, so the cable is simply laying on the drywall from the basement ceiling. It is indoor/outdoor quad shield coaxial cable, being used for satellite TV. While obviously not professional, is this a safe way to leave the cable? If not, what should be done? Thank you very much for any help you can provide!


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You can run it in the Cold Air return, but if there is ever a fire, and it comes back that the RG-6 was at fault, and not Plenum approved, do not try to argue with your Insurance company.

As for running along the ceiling, I would use Panduit, or metal channels made to hide wiring and can be painted to match the ceiling.


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How could RG-6 cause a fire? Spontaneous combustion?

There's no heat associated with sattellite signals unless of course the satellite dish is improperly grounded and you get a lighting strike.
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Originally Posted by gregzoll View Post
You can run it in the Cold Air return, but if there is ever a fire, and it comes back that the RG-6 was at fault, and not Plenum approved, do not try to argue with your Insurance company.
This is 100% completely not true.
This is an old wives tale that your insurance company will not pay. I have gotten confirmation from several real insurance people and they call BS on this myth. The only way they can deny a claim like that would be if they find it was done intentionally, and by "done" I mean start the fire. In that case your insurance is the least of your worries.
Besides, like Randell said, how in the world could coax cause a fire.
The reason cable like that must be plenum rated is because of smoke emissions during a fire.

You CAN cross a cold air return, but running down it is technically illegal.
Off the record, I can't tell you how many HVAC guys throw up plenums after the wiring is done. I have no control over it and they don't seem to care.
If they would lay out their plenums before hand I could avoid those bays, but nooooo.
Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
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