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paintdrying 01-27-2013 07:51 PM

Running a receptacle of a light circuit
I read on here yesterday that an outlet can not be run off a circuit that supplies a light. Is this always correct? I would like to know exactly why. If the light circuit only feeds one light and is 20 amp and 12/2 wires, then would it be okay to do?

jbfan 01-27-2013 07:54 PM

No, the receptacle can not be used with a switch loop.
As long as you have a hot and a neutral, you are good to go.

paintdrying 01-27-2013 08:09 PM

Okay, I understand. I just want to make sure I do not learn to do electrical work the wrong way in the beginning.

Jim Port 01-27-2013 08:12 PM

Certain circuits like for bathroom, kitchen, dining and laundry receptacle circuits cannot provide power for lighting. What does the circuit you want to tap provide power to?

paintdrying 01-27-2013 09:41 PM

Okay, it is in a unfinished basements with bare concrete walls. The circuit i want to tap into feeds six lights ( 60 watt incandescent pull chain) and one smoke detector. All running into the basement, it feeds nothing else. I need to drill through the floor, the base of a built in, through the side of the cabinet, into a fake chimney( 2x 4 framing covered with particle board) then out the front of the particle board into a box for the receptacle. Approximately 12 feet, or 40 feet too the panel box. The circuit feeds a 60 flat screen tv only. Their is presently a receptacle in the cabinet wired from the ceiling so i can not get to that circuit. The tv will draw maybe an amp. I originally wanted to run from the panel but it is full. My electrician was the one that said to tap the light circuit. He retired a few years ago so I always double check him against someone with a current license.

Jim Port 01-28-2013 03:34 AM

That circuit sounds fine.

joed 01-28-2013 07:46 AM

Unfinished basement with bare concrete walls requires GFCI receptacles.

paintdrying 01-28-2013 08:27 AM

This circuit goes through the floor, up into the first floor, does that then require a gfi?

joed 01-28-2013 11:28 AM

The receptacles on the unfinished basement concrete wall must be GFCI.

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