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nmflounder 03-12-2012 01:10 PM

Running Power to Detached Shed ...
First off, I have read a majority of the posts concerning this subject and they have been very helpful and answered many questions, but I still have a few.

I am wanting to run power to a detached shed that is around 100 feet from the house. However, due to the location of my main panel and the easiest route to run the power, I am looking at running cable about 270 feet. I measured it out to exactly 263 feet, but figured it would be best to go longer. I am wanting to run at least 60 amps to the shed, as I won't be using it for nothing more then power outlets (basic power tools) and lights. Here are my questions:

1) What cable would be best for such a long distance run?

2) Would a 60 amp subpanel be sufficient for this job. I am looking at only 4 circuits: 1 for internal outlets, 1 for lighting, 1 for motion sensor light outside and 1 for external outlet. I am looking at the following panel:

I have seen some marked 70 amp and wondering if they make a difference:

3) Also, I will be installing a 30 amp RV connector circuit from my main panel to the where I park my Camper Trailer, which is a run of about 75 feet. What would be the best cable for this sort of run under ground? Can I run both cable together in the same conduit until I junction if off to where I will be installing the plug for the camper?

4) Would the following be the circuit breakers to use:

60 amp -

30 amp -

I think that is it for now. Thanks in advance for all your help!!

TarheelTerp 03-12-2012 01:56 PM

A 240V/60A panel should meet all your needs.
The long run requires using a larger wire size to feed it (#4 should suffice).

Use conduit and if possible do it in two legs:
whatever is required to get to the end of the house...
plus the last 100 feet to the shed (w/ j-box between).

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