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ksl420 03-21-2011 11:30 AM

Running from outside service panel into basement
I live in Colorado and am starting to finish my basement, I need to add a electrical line in order to supply enough power to the outlets and lights that will be in the basement. My service panel is located on the outside back of my house. All current wires run into the back of the panel and either up to the attic and across the house or through the wall down into the basement (not much roon in box to work with, don't think I can push anything through), since I imagine it would be much easier to just run flex conduit out of the panel box and drill a hole into the basement and run right into the basement there. First is this acceptable practice, im not connecting wires where the flex meets the house, just running into the house? Can I run flex conduit out of the box and then just shove the elbow into the hole I will drill into the wall to get into the basement then just caulk around elbow where it meets the house to prevent water coming in. Next question would be a followup I currently have 3/4 flex conduit coming out of the bottom of the panel going a few feet to my A/C unit, I was maybe thinking instead of having to drill another hole into the bottom of the panel box maybe I could use the existing hole and (if they make them) use a Y connecter to split the lines closer to the A/C unit one going to the A/C like it was and the other going into the basement. Of course I would add a new breaker in the panel for the new line, just wondering best practice to get this line to the basement. Any advice would be great.


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