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amakarevic 11-18-2010 08:07 PM

running outdoor cable from house to detached shed above ground
i have buried conduit to my detached shed but need to wait to upgrade my meter with more amperage and circuits before i can run 50A to it. but in the meantime, i was gonna have a makeshift temporary solution for just lighting by running outdoor cable from the deck floodlight box to the shed, which would be about 10 ft in length and some 8 ft above the deck. i was gonna nix the makeshift solution once i get a new meter and run the wire underground through the conduit. but was wondering if there are implication to doing it this way. i was only gonna have one light and maybe one outlet in the shed running on it (as to avoid tripping the circuit with too much amperage). primarily, i was concerned about the grounding issues since the cable is leaving the building where the panel is.

BTW, i have a grounding rod buried next to the shed as well for when i do run the 50A circuit to feed the shed subpanel. dunno if that might help the temporary solution somehow.


Scuba_Dave 11-18-2010 08:10 PM

Run the wire for 50a to the shed
Pigtail #12 on it & connect it to a 20a breaker
Upgrade to 50a & sub later on

emolatur 11-19-2010 02:16 PM


Run the 50A. Install the subpanel. Put a 20A circuit in it.

Having a 50A subpanel there does not mean it will be pulling 50A. Especially if you're already planning a service upgrade in the near future, there is no reason to wire the same shed twice.

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