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curls00 08-14-2007 12:32 PM

Running coax from attic to room below, via exterior wall?
Hi there. I need to run a coax (TV) cable from the attic, where it is fed from a conduit in the basement utility room, across the attic, and down a wall into my master bedroom. However, the wall it needs to be located on is an exterior wall. The nearest partition wall is across the room and quite a perimiter distance from where we need the cable.

How difficult is it to feed a wire through the exterior wall via the attic? The roof is on a typical ~45* slope above that wall. I have an awesome cordless drill and have many bits, and also have extentions to my selection of shorter spade bits.

Any options?

Tony Cunningham 08-14-2007 03:09 PM

here is what i would do....a good framer will nail over stud only..this will help you locate the area to drill..(right angle drill is most helpful). do the math with a measuring tape. drill your top will be adding a remodel box for your coaxial outlet. (typically most people can reach inside this opening)
use a rigid fish to first locate, then you should be able to pull the cable on through...since there is no danger of electrical shock...i give this a 2 beer rating..

curls00 08-14-2007 03:53 PM

Well I just peeked inside the attic and it look like a job for a helper monkey. Literally. The roof is pitched fairly flat in the area we want to drill, thus, there's almost no room at all for even a right-angle drill. Plus I used a stud finder on the wall we want to come down, and there seems to be a brace between studs about 3' or 4' above the floor level. So that would be a b1tch to get through as well. I think we may run down an interior wall if possible (found cross-bracing there too... wtf?), and then around the baseboards to the location we desire. It pains me to say that, though, as I really wanted a completely hidden drop to this bedroom.

*curse the original owner for specifically requesting NO coax in the master bedroom! Argh!

KUIPORNG 08-14-2007 03:54 PM

how about all those insulation crab the fish line need to go through... would that be a problem... I done the same on interior wall before and really no problem... but external.... I am not so sure...

Tony Cunningham 08-14-2007 04:47 PM

OKAY!!! heres the dill have fire blocking...JEEZ!!!! do you have a friend that does drywall and finishing?:surrender: :surrender:

Tony Cunningham 08-14-2007 04:50 PM

do you have a crawl space

curls00 08-14-2007 04:52 PM

Fire blocking, yes. Drywall friend? No. And we JUST painted last week so I'm not going there w/ the wife... LOL!

Basement, yes, but that's 2 floors down from this room. :(

Tony Cunningham 08-14-2007 05:03 PM

what kind of siding to the exterior do you have:whistling2: :whistling2:

curls00 08-14-2007 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by Tony Cunningham (Post 57701)
what kind of siding to the exterior do you have:whistling2: :whistling2:

Vinyl. ;)

Edit: I looked to my left (from my office to the exterior wall in question) and it's brick in that area. Booo.

KUIPORNG 08-15-2007 09:35 AM

sound's like you need to buy those expensive 6 feet long drill bit to do this one time drilling job....assume you welling to spend that money...but what if you run into a live wire when doing down? may need advice from a pro how they do this...

curls00 08-15-2007 11:49 AM

Well that "pro" is my dad, a master electrician. He won't be visiting me until next week (he lives in another city) but based on what I said, and the fact we both don't want to have to drywall a freshly painted wall, we might bring it down in the walk-in closet, go through the partition wall and then around the perimiter of the room to the desired location. Here's hoping I can get the RG6 between the baseboard and carpet w/o having to take off the baseboards (MDF crap that will likely break instead of come off nicely).

KUIPORNG 08-15-2007 12:36 PM

why not wait one more week for your Dad to hear what he has to say then.... there are other things you can do in a bedroom besides watching TV...

curls00 08-15-2007 01:14 PM

By "We" I meant my dad and I.

The other "We" (wife and I) have plenty of "non-tv" activities to keep us occupied until then. Like caring for our 15-month old. LOL!

KUIPORNG 08-15-2007 02:18 PM

I see... RG6 between baseboard and carpet is going to be tough not to be visible or got loosen up... if you are a perfect seeker... you probably need to install new baseboards...

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