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WVAmature 12-01-2012 12:48 PM

Row of ungrounded outlets
Hey everyone-

I just bought a house. While most of the electrical is good in the house, my inspector found that every plug outlet along one single shared wall are not grounded (according to his tester).

If I open up the outlet covers, the ground wire is connected in all of them. Is there something that would cause an entire line of outlets to not be grounded? All of the electrical in the house is brand new. I'm not sure if its a factor, but I opened up an old outlet box that was covered shut when they put in new wiring. The wires weren't capped or anything... Just sitting open in the box. I dont have a volt meter so I havent had a chance to test whether they are active. Maybe some old uncapped wiring still on the same breaker could be causing a problem?



Daniel Holzman 12-01-2012 02:33 PM

You can purchase your own outlet tester for under $10. They are quite useful, typically they have three lights, and will show improper conditions such as reversed neutral and hot, lack of ground, etc. As to why a whole string of outlets would show no ground, it is possible that the outlets are daisy chained together, and the ground to the first outlet in the chain is bad. This could occur if the ground wire to the first outlet was damaged or severed, or possibly not installed.

You can purchase a multimeter for less than $50 that will prove to be very useful in determining if wires are live, if grounds are good, and a whole host of other issues. Worth the purchase if you plan to do any home wiring.

electures 12-01-2012 04:32 PM

Try and determine where to circuit is fed from. Start checking the boxes on either side closest to the receptacles.

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