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charlie11051980 02-24-2009 09:41 AM

Rewiring a replacement light fitting
Hi all,

I tried to replace a 6ft Florescent batten at weekend but ran into trouble when putting all the wires back.

Here is my setup.

1 Florescent batten on kitchen ceiling
2 spotlights on kitchen ceiling
4 terminal blocks

1 single switch - operates the 6ft light.
1 double switch - operates the 6ft light and the spot lights.

Coming from ceiling rose I have

5 red wires (live)
3 black (neutral possibly one switched also but isnt marked)
5 earths

1 cut of cable with L N and Earth on either side to finally wire into the 3 inputs in the 6ft fitting.

There is also a single black cable coming down into the 6ft fitting on its own. I appears to be coming across from the spotlights. Its definately not part of the ceiling rose bunch.

Any ideas on what colours/wires go into what connectors?????????

Is it possible to just have one black cable coming from the spolights????

Were is the neutral and earth gone for the spolights???????

Any advice is welcome

joed 02-24-2009 10:06 AM

I think you are in UK possibly. This site mainly North America.

charlie11051980 02-24-2009 10:19 AM

Yes I live in N. Ireland. I know that there is three other rooms looping from this kitchen fitting. Connected the terminals as follows:

5 reds into 1st terminal
5 earths into 2nd terminal
3 black into 3rd terminal
1 black (coming from spotlights) into 4th terminal.

When the power came back on I could turn on/off the spolights but not the 6ft fitting.

I think I have used the black spotlight cable as the live switched cable causing my problem.

If I knew were that seperate black cable coming from the spotlight goes and what one of the three blacks are the switched live I would be sorted.

J. V. 02-24-2009 12:56 PM

Search for "frenchelectrician" on this site/forum and send him a PM. He can and will help you. He is our resident European expert.

frenchelectrican 02-28-2009 01:59 AM

Thanks J.V. for " hollering me "

Keep in your mind I will be using UK/ Ireland terms here.

Now let get to the bussiness how may one way switch and two way switches ?
that will make the diffrence of how you snagged the live and switched conductors.

Yes I am aware with old colour codes which you have them right now.

But I have a huntch you have two way switches for your kitchen luminaire but seems you got the live and switched conductor crossed.

so you have 5 red and 3 black that I am reading right on your ceiling rose ? if so then you will need to look for two more conductors I am pretty sure they are remaked or see a extra conductors running thru the ceiling rose.

Look at the flourscent luminaire and spotluminaire you should see total of 4 conductors I know red will show up there black ya freind it will be there for netural green/yellow stripe conductor that for earthing and a spare conductor possiblty brown or grey one of the two on older colour chart IIRC. unless it was double T&E { twin and earth } cable that can compound it a little.

At the same time look at the double swtiches check it out if you have switch loop there or not that can really ruin your day on that one.


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