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rewiring all existing wiring

Hi All.

In moving into a house that has 60% aluminum wiring, it is causing a headache, as home insurers either provide the most minimum coverage or the premiums are ridiculously high.

A friend said he knew an electician who estimated that to rewire a house with copper, would cost about $10,000. To me that is totally out of my budget and my thinking is, "is it that difficult to do?"

This was my idea of how I would rewire (take out the aluminum and replace it with copper cable).

-buy a long roll of copper electrical cabling
-shut down the main power switch to the house
-go to each outlet that I know has alumnium and firmly tie the end to the new copper wire
-go to the electrical box and pull that specific aluminum cable so it fishes the new copper cable to the electrical box.

If I do this for each recepticle that is aluminum, isn't that a more cost effective solution or am I overlooking something here? I've done electical work in the past, but nothing as vast as this.

Any suggestions/ideas?



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am I overlooking something here?
Yes................. staples.

Go look at a new home under construction and you will know what I mean.


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if your house is piped, might be as easy as you say. otherwise, you are dreaming.
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In theory it is that easy, but in reality no way. Wire is stapled when it is installed(well it should be). Not all the wires will run up or down the wall, some may go horizontily from one recept. to another, this will require drilling holes and fishing new wire.
If it was that easy everybody would do it.

Life is tough, Life is tougher when you are stupid.
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Something I was never sure about, once all new wire is run can the old wire be left in the walls or does it need to be completely removed?
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Am I missing something

You can do this. Do you have a basement, crawl or slab? I have a basement. It makes access much easier. Most of your wire will be 14/2 with ground. I think it runs about $25.00 or less for a 100 ft. roll. I ran all new wire and put in a 200 amp box. I believe you can do it for under $1000.00.
Good luck

P.S. As everyone has said. The wire should be stapled.
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you have numerous choices . .

put the job out to bid...with a list of specifics and see if you get better numbers . .based on apples and apples bids

you could do it yourself . . .but it is painfully clear by your post that you lack the basic knowl;edge to do it at the moment . . .but that can be remedied as well....if you want to do it your self . .go to the Home Depot nearest you . . .buy the Home Wiring book and read it cover to cover . .thsy are actually done very well
get a basic set of tools . . .some supplies and when you feel you have an basic understanding . .start with one room at an time . .wire that room complete . .back to the panel . .one home run at an time . .panel probably needs to go as well . . but that you should definetly leave to a professional

in may have the money to get a proper panel installed . .I would start there . . .since you would have solid feet to wire back to

as you rewire each room . .test all that you do . .and your mistakes will teach you . .you'll stumble perhaps at switches . . .3-ways etc but study the books and you'll overcome it

one further thing . . .do envision that you are going to be drilling /cutting into lots of walls and perhaps floors . .this is always nasty to do while living in the residence. . .balance this against the amount of work you thought this would entail . . .electrical always encompasses . . .patching ...plastering . .painting texturing etc

getting a prper panel installed . . .and proceeding one room at an time is do-able if you are willing to study a bit
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When is fishing season?
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I rewired 80% of my house myself, some of it was while the walls were open. That was easy. The rooms that were not gutted were the hard part, especially on the 2nd floor. Luckily, my house was origionally wired AFTER the house was built, so nothing was stapled inside the walls. If the wires are stapled in the walls it increases the difficulty 10 fold.

Aside from receptacles, you also have to consider lighting and other hard wired appliances.

As I said, I have rewired 80% of the house, but there is still alot of old 14/2 WOG (without ground) in the house going to stuff like lights in the woodshed and lots of the lights on the first floor where there really is no access.


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