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Roger1123 09-21-2012 07:20 PM

reverse motor
I have a 115 volt motor and I want to install a reversing switch. The motor leads are L1 L2 & 2 4. The motor says reverse 2 and 4 red and black leads for rotation. Where do I connect the wires to the 6 pole switch? It's a DPDT

kbsparky 09-21-2012 07:53 PM

A "6-pole" switch as you call it is in reality a double-pole, double-throw.

Connect the wires (#2 & #4) from the motor's windings to the center 2 terminals.

Connect 2 wires from one end of the switch back to the motor's 2 terminals.

Connect 2 jumper wires the same end of the switch to the opposite 2 terminals on the other end of the switch, criss-crossing to reverse the connections.

Or, you can use a "4-way" switch to reverse the starting winding connections. Much easier.

Keep in mind that you can not reverse the motor's direction while it is running. You have to stop the motor first, THEN start it again after throwing the reversing switch to make it go backwards.

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