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boncheri 04-06-2010 11:25 AM

Removing range hood
Hi there,

My husband and I are making some minor improvements in our kitchen and our next step is to remove our range hood/vent and the cupboard above it, and install an above the range microwave.

I have instructions on how to remove the hood/vent, but it says to install an approved switch box... to ensure the wire are safe. We were just going to cap them, but this sounds like a safer option?

I have no idea what kind of switch box is required or how to install one (and I know my husband doesn't know either, and if he thinks he does - I'd rather have a second opinion :laughing: )

Do we need to install the switch box, or would capping the wires be sufficient?
If we need a switch box, what kind?? OR... can we somehow install an outlet and use that as a dedicated outlet for the microwave??

That may be a silly question - and it's ok if you're laughing at me, but I really have no idea what is best???

Help me please!!

Lucas718 04-06-2010 02:15 PM

I can't help you but it sounds like we're in the same boat. All I have is a wire coming out of the wall and going into the range hood. I guess that wire should end up getting wired into an outlet and run up through the bottom of the upper cabinets. Hopefully someone here can answer.

brric 04-06-2010 02:59 PM

Unless you know something I don't your new mw will require a cabinet above it. In which case an electrical box is cut-in to the back of the cabinet, the cable run into the box, the box mounted into the cabinet, receptacle and cover plate installed, a hole drilled in the bottom of the cabinet facilitates the cord of the mw plugged into the recep. The only concern is whether or not the circuit will handle the mw as it really should be on a dedicated circuit.

andrew79 04-06-2010 04:29 PM

brric has it all pretty much covered. I'd just like to add that you need to keep in mind that if your moving your plug higher then you'll need to pull the wires back inside the wall....romex can't be run surface.

J. V. 04-07-2010 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by andrew79 (Post 424919)
romex can't be run surface.

Sure it can. As long as its not subject to physical damage you can pretty much run it (NM) anywhere you want thats not damp or wet.

andrew79 04-07-2010 12:28 PM

i'm fairly sure that above the stove having romex surface most likely isn't the best of ideas....i guess i should have said you can't run romex "there" surface. Well i suppose legally you could but still common? romex free air above the stove?

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