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Thanks for the reply

Reinstall the switch and don't change anything.
Got it. Will do.

Originally Posted by rjniles View Post
Install a new receptacle using the 2 insulated wires remaining on the old receptacle.

Can you explain why I need a new receptacle? Isn't this just a matter of what wires are attached to the existing one?


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You do not really have to but I think it is the easiest. If you want to reuse the exiting receptacle, you have to connect both brass screws together.

Remove the wire* from the brass screw. Take about a 6" piece of new wire and strip about 2" of insulation. Wrap the stripped end around both bras screws going clockwise and tighten screws. Strip an inch off the other end and wire nut to the wire* you removed.
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New receptacles are $3.00. And it will be much easier and faster to change them then to pigtail both top and bottom screws together on the old.

The reason is that the old have been physically altered to be half switched.
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Re: Removing lightswitch control half of outlet duplex

Originally Posted by oh'mike View Post
Here goes----

option one-----pull out the switched outlets-----there will be two power wires -one on each gold screw----
using your tester--find the switched wire----remove it from the outlet and cap it with a wire nut---

the tab that normally connects the two gold screws has been snapped off---so--either add a short jumper wire from the live screw to the one you removed the switch wire from----or install a new outlet that still has the connecting tab.

Option two----pull out the switch-----if you are lucky--the power (switch leg) for the ceiling and the wall start in that box---

If the switch has a power on one terminal---and two switch legs attached to the other terminal---

Figure out which switch leg goes to the wall---and move it to the power terminal on the switch---and the outlet will be 'hard wired' for constant power---
I have the same issue as the OP. The second options is the less expensive, but I am not sure how it would be done. I have two wall switches, one turns on the Fan, the other turns on the light on the fan and the half hot outlet. I would really like to know which wire to disconnect from the light switch to keep the outlet completely hot. I can take a picture of the switch wiring and post it here if it helps. I dont know if you want a picture of the half hot outlet also.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: Removing lightswitch control half of outlet duplex

Here are some pictures I took.
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Re: Removing lightswitch control half of outlet duplex

Replace the outlet with a new outlet. Wire the new outlet just as the present outlet is wired except, if the top half of the outlet is switched put a wire nut on the wire to the top half. If the bottom half is switched, put wire nut on the wire to the bottom half.
In other words do not use the wire to the half of the outlet that was switched. Just put a wire nut on it.

(I am guessing that the bottom half is switched. That would mean you would cap the red wire.)


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