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Limit54 11-08-2009 11:31 AM

removed old romex (added new wire) and added a plug doesn't work now?
ok so i'm doing a bathroom reno and I had two lights(sconces) that were hooked up to a line with no switch because they had their own swicthes on now I got new lights and am going to wire them to the main bathroom light switch(I already got help with that..thanks so much) this is the problem.

the signal went like this(all romex)

power->light 1->light 2->closet light->bedroom plug

so i decided to get rid of the romex since I was in the wall(probably never have the chance to again)

I also am going to add a new plug in the bathroom(im using one of those plugs that has test and reset buttons)
so this is what I did

the line going from light 1->light 2 I completely removed since I am running a new line from my main switch as stated above.

so what I did was like this

power(romex)->new plug->light in closet->bedroom plug

all the lines are now 14/2 with the exception of the first power and the wire going from the closet light to the bedroom plug

like this

Power(romex)->plug(14/2)->closet light(14/2)->(romex) bedroom plug)

also the line is 15 amps

hope that is enough info and clear enough.

All in all I hooked it all up and noting worked??

The way i'm looking at it is that I hooked it up exactly like it was but I just interrupted the line with a plug..should work the same?? what am I doing wrong??


HouseHelper 11-08-2009 11:46 AM

First off, a bathroom receptacle must be on its own circuit and 20A with 12/2 Romex.

Did you press the rest button on that "plugs that has test and reset buttons"? It's call a GFCI by the way.

frenchelectrican 11-08-2009 12:15 PM

First thing first.,

HouseHelper is correct the bathroom must have it own circuit 20 amp 12 awg size.

That called GFCI { ground fault circuit inturpeter }

The key issue is with GFCI they are very picky the way it hook up you have to see the words Line et Load the incomming source is line that you hookup that is correct spot to get the GFCI working.

The bedroom circuits are not allowed to to be in bathroom at all.

Now the other issue is closet luminaire that have wall switch or pull switch there ? { btw the cloth closet luminaire must be inclosed no bare bulb allowed expect flourscent they are allowed ( the screw in CFL do not count at all )}

that will really screw up your day if you were not paying attetion to the connections.

once I get your answer related to the cloth closet luminaire hook up we will go from there.


Scuba_Dave 11-08-2009 12:16 PM

Your IP indicates you are in Canada - might want to update your profile with your location
Wiring codes/rules are different in Canada - I'm not sure of specifics
When renovationg (here) you are required to meet current codes

Limit54 11-08-2009 01:45 PM

Yes I'm from Canada.......Well my house is originally wired up this way....and I'm pretty sure there are about 10 more sections of the house that are not up to code but I can't do anything about that without smashing all the walls down...if you have any other suggestions let me know??

I understand that the bathroom should be on its own 20 but I can't do that unless I start destroying my house(not an option) so should I just not put the plug in then?? so far I have been changing everything to current code but it seems that I have reached a road block...and my wife will kill me if I start smashing walls to run a new line from the breaker box...this is the top floor. The more I think about it the more I think, if its not code then maybe I shouldn't do it...what are your opinions???

now for the closet luminaire...well all my closets are bare bulbs with pull I guess i should change that too....anyway there is nothing I can do to to change the wiring scheme of the closet.

I forgot to say thank you so guys are awesome.

joed 11-08-2009 03:17 PM

I Canada the wiring is OK. No requirement for bathroom to be dedicated or 20 amp.

I'm not sure what doesn't work. Eveything you changed? or just part of it?

Tell us how you connected the wires at the GFCI etc.

Limit54 11-08-2009 05:06 PM

I think the GFCI connection is the problem..I might have not connected the main to the load....I'll have to do it again and check....but here is how the wiring went.

power(romex)->GFCI(romex black brass & 14/2 black to brass screw then whites to silver, romex and 14/2)->14/2 from GFCI->closet light->(romex)bedroom plug

the thing that seems funny to me(I could be wrong though) is that the light was connected with black and white connected together from in and out.

this is the lights connection

14/2 white and romex black->light
14/2 black and romex white->light

so the 14/2 comes from the plug and the romex goes to the bedroom plug

this was all connected by romex before I just removed as much as i could.

I think I have to press the test button on the GFCI...haven't done that yet.

the bedroom plug is hooked up black to brass and white to was hooked up black to silver screw and white to brass screw...i dont think that was correct though. Its been working for 3 years like that though??

all this is offline now

also I was watching an instructional video once and the guy said he like to wrap some electrical tape around the plug and outlet(where the connection screw and wires are)...what do you think about this...his justification was that its good so nothing touches steel.

Thanks again.

joed 11-08-2009 06:15 PM

At the GFCI you should have power in and power out to light connected to the LINE connection not the LOAD connection. The LOAD connection is to protect anything down stream of the GFCI. I don't think you want that in this case.
You might need to use a wire nut and pigtail unless the GFCI lets you put two wires under the back wire terminal.


this is the lights connection

14/2 white and romex black->light
14/2 black and romex white->light
This is not correct. I think you are using a light socket with a pull chain and no switch. The colours should all be matched. All blacks and all whites together.

Limit54 11-08-2009 08:51 PM


I know that they should be matched...but for some reason when I went to disconnect them I found that they were connected like that??? I said in my last post that i thought this was odd.

I don't know why it was like that? but both black and white were mixed and connected to each other and on the same pigtails. Oh yeah and it is a pull chain.


spark plug 11-08-2009 09:03 PM


Originally Posted by Scuba_Dave (Post 350542)
Your IP indicates you are in Canada - might want to update your profile with your location
Wiring codes/rules are different in Canada - I'm not sure of specifics
When renovationg (here) you are required to meet current codes

As I said in another post on this forum. The Canadian Electrical Code is, in some cases more stringent than the NEC. But the issue of the OP is primarily that the power continuity is stuck somewhere. IMHO, without a (basic) tester, we won't get past square one. As other posters have pointed out, the first spot to look at is the GFCI receptacle. If the line/load terminals have not been mixed up. then all the compliance issues can be cleared up. (No matter what):yes::no::drink:Don't Drink and Drive, Ever!!!

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