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DIY4EVER 07-12-2007 10:14 AM

recessed lighting wiring to 3way switch
Hello All,

I am getting ready to wire my basement. Currently there are three lights in the basement. From the breaker box there is 14/2 wire to the first light, then 14/3 wire to the 2nd and 3rd lights. From the 3rd light the 14/3 goes to a 3way switch in the basement and from that switch 14/3 wire goes to a 3way switch at the top of the stairs.

I am installing 5 recessed lights and removing the three existing lights (just boxes with bulbs screwed in). I was going to just use the existing circuit from these lights. Can't I just use the 14/2 wire that is coming from teh breaker box to the first light to run to my first recessed light, then continue with 14/2 wire to the other 4 recessed lights, then from the last recessed light run the 14/3 to the 3way in the basement and then 14/3 from that switch to the 3way switch at the top of the stairs? This will allow me to control the lights form both switches. I am just curious why they (the builder) ran 14/3 wire all the way from the first light to the other 2 lights and to the switches.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

HouseHelper 07-12-2007 01:35 PM

You have to have the 14/3 between each light to carry the neutral (white) to each light, the hot (black) to the first switch, and the switched hot (red) to the second switch. Put it back just as it was and everything should work as before.

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