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brises 04-06-2012 10:14 PM

recessed lighting in kitchen
Hi everyone..Frequent DIYer and glad i found this site..I am renovating my kitchen and need some advice,pointers, etc....I have a 13x10 ft galley kitchen with a vaulted ceiling..The height of the ceiling goes from 10ft to 11 ft across a 10ft span...There is a skylight approximately center of the ceiling..I removed all of the sheetrock and I would like to install some recessed cans in the ceiling..I went to a lighting store and really liked the 4 inch low voltage cans and liked the versatility of the trims I could use to adjust the light..I wondering though if they will give off enough light and if I should go with the 5 inch can instead..I was thinking of installing 8 4 inch cans throughout the ceiling..i was told that would be overkill and that I should go with 6..I am also installing 2 mini pendant lights on each side of the skylight..So i have been looking at every lighting website and every forum to give me some direction so thats why I am here..Please give me your suggestions on what you think I should do and what you would recommend...I like the LED's but they are too expensive..again thank you for all of you suggestions and advice..i look forward to your responses

k_buz 04-06-2012 10:23 PM

I don't recommend 4" cans for general lighting purposes. The spread of light just isn't the same as a 5" or 6" line voltage can. That being said, your kitchen isn't huge and the ceiling height might be to your advantage. When a customer asks for my advice on how many to go with, I always go a little overboard. Its easier to install a dimmer than to add more lighting. I don't see a problem with 8 4" cans. Use flood type lamps not spots.

brises 04-06-2012 10:28 PM

recessed lighting in kitchen
Thanks K buz..I really do appreciate the you think I should go with the low voltage or line voltage..i know some people say that the transformer sometimes makes noise and that could be an issue down the road..I liked the look of the MR16 bulb and was hoping that would be sufficient for what I need..Do you suggest any brand can?

k_buz 04-06-2012 10:30 PM

Let me ask you this, can you point me to a trim you like?

brises 04-06-2012 10:33 PM

recessed lighting in kitchen
I actually like the 4 inch adjustable gimbal or the 4 inch adjustable baffle so this way I can adjust the lighting..I found one a website called costless lighting but i dont know if they are any good or not

k_buz 04-06-2012 10:44 PM

I suggest line voltage for a number of reasons.

1) Replacing transformers on 4" cans can be a real PITA
2) Less to go wrong
3) You can get those trims with 120V cans
4) You can use standard dimmers without the possibility of the transformer humming
5) You can buy LED replacement lamps down the line
6) Line Voltage is much cheaper

brises 04-06-2012 10:50 PM

recessed lighting in kitchen
my luck the transformer would start making noise right after the ceiling was taped and so i guess im going to go with the line voltage 4 inch..ive seen different prices for different cans so i dont know what brand is good..I know i want an IC rated can for new construction so with the trim I want, do you recommend a brand?

k_buz 04-06-2012 10:54 PM

Halo, Juno, I think Home Depot sells a brand called commercial electric that are very similar to Halo. I will say that the cans I saw on the Costless Lighting site look to be decent and very well priced. Thanks for that link, I will be showing it to my boss.

brises 04-06-2012 10:58 PM

recessed lighting in kitchen
and thank you for your suggestion..Now I can order my materials and get to DIY'ng

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