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afly007 12-01-2009 08:24 PM

Recessed lighthing layout and issues with hvac vents.
Hi all, I've got an 18 x 13 den in the basement that I'd like to install 5" recessed can's into.

I was planning on installing 6 cans spaced 4' from the wall and 5' apart.

| x x x
| x x x

Unfortunately in the middle of the ceiling I have a vent running down the centre and at the end of the wall another vent that prevents me from laying out the cans this way.

I'm having troubles figuring out how to properly configure the lights, or even if 6 x 5" is enough. Would I be better off using 8 x 5" cans? If so, how would I space them out?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Phillysun 12-15-2009 08:17 PM

Recessed lights are not a good choice for general room lighting which is why you will only find it in kitchens and baths as a general rule. Sconces on the walls are effective for ambient lighting and drop lights for interior areas. Can lights for 5" light source is not going to provide much spread and with the move to forced use of CFL/LED lamps the total lumens any one light can throw is going to be less than for a PAR lamp with its reflector.

Having all your lights on one switch is very restrictive, especially if you do not plan on having table or floor lamps adding light and plugged into wall outlets. Consider adding another leg while it is still easy to do so.

I saw a carpenter doing some repairs after wires were pulled for wall sconces and he used a Hole Pro adjustable hole cutter to make the holes from the carpenters completely round and then used the same tool to cut patches out of a piece of 2x2 feet square sheetrock he picked up at the local building supply. The patches worked great and met fire code and took minutes to put into place and be ready for mud and painting.

Magnettica 12-15-2009 08:20 PM

You're going to need to move them over to another bay. Happens all the time.

Scuba_Dave 12-15-2009 08:23 PM

What ? Not for good general use ?
I have recessed lights in kitchen, sunroom, new bar area, new TV room, new bathroom, bedroom, master bedroom, some will go in the attic & the garage when I am done, plus 2 outside - one on each garage door

I have 4 cans in my bar area that light the whole room up
There are 3 in the TV room that also light the whole room up
2 in the bathroom, 2 in sons bedroom

They work MUCH better then lamps

I'm using ALL CFL lights in these recessed cans
Plenty of light & very little heat, lower electric bill

darren 12-15-2009 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by Scuba_Dave (Post 367380)
I'm using ALL CFL lights in these recessed cans
Plenty of light & very little heat, lower electric bill

Dave I heard about a study a while back that peoples heating bills are going up when they switch over to the CFL. They lose all the incadestant bulbs and the heat they give off and have to turn up the heat more to make up the difference.

Scuba_Dave 12-15-2009 08:47 PM

With new windows, doors, insulation, sealing etc my heating bill has been going down....from 3 tanks of oil in '03 to just over one tank last year
Last year was 10% colder too...and I'm heating 10% more space with a new sunroom
And oil heat is much cheaper then electric heat

Scuba_Dave 12-15-2009 09:10 PM

I have actually heard of people who have very low electric rates (hydro) that put incandescents back in for the winter
But our electric rates here are too high to even think of doing that
With what I save yearly with CFL's it will pay for maybe 1/3 of a tank of oil

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