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vyjeff 04-27-2010 12:00 AM

Recessed light suggestions?
Hi, I am living in South Bay of California.
I am planning to install 4-inch recessed light in our living room and looking for some suggestions here:

1) Trim selection: Which type of trim (baffle or reflector) is more suitable for living room as the recessed lights are the main and only light source?

2) I am not able to find 4-inch IC rated remodel housing in local hardware department stores. How critical is to have the IC rated housing?

3) I did find one 4-inch IC rated remodel housing online (from Luthonia Light). Anyone here has experience with it?

4) I am from California bay area. Will the "Air Tight" housing reduce significant heat loss compared to non Air Tight housing?

5) Anyone here has experience with the Commercial Electric 4-inch LED recessed light that selling in HomeDepot? If I am going for the LED light, it should be much cooler that I will be able to use non-IC rated housing even it might be close to insulator?

6) For a 19 feet x 16 feet living room, how many 4 inch recessed lights do I need? I am thinking of using 8 recessed lights (3 rows, 3-2-3).


goose134 04-27-2010 01:26 AM

I have not had any need for IC rated remodel cans, so I can't help you there. I have installed some Commercial Electric fluorescent lights and have had nothing but problems. Forget them.

I have 8 MR-16 lamp cans in my living room (with dimmer). The standard white baffle trims work well. How many you have depends on what kind of lamps you have. I went with pretty standard 50w 30 deg floods and when the lights are all the way up, it looks like the inside of the ship from Close Encounters.

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