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mad mike 09-10-2009 11:57 PM

RE-wiring old house
I am re wiring an old house (old k&T Wiring) and have all the basics done but wondering if anyone knew the best way to rewire the ceiling lights on the first level. I already re done the second level wiring (it was not that bad). I do not want to replace all the ceilings 1 because they are 10 foot high. 2 because it would be a pain just to rewire a few lights, and ceiling fans. i am thinking i will have to cut back the drywall and plaster (the previous owner put up drywall over the plaster and laves) to the previous studs or enough room to dill wholes where i need them if i need to (i know i will at the wall/ceiling joint since there are ceramic insulators at the corners.) Is/will that be the easiest way? i want to get the whole downstairs re done in a couple weeks so we can get moved in.

pdx_gal 09-11-2009 01:13 AM

You are ambitious! I am replacing my K&T too, but have access to 90% of the first floor ceiling from above, so not so bad. I would run all new wiring. Fish wire through the walls, then cut a hole with a hole saw on the wall where it meets the celing, then chisel out a small channel in the top plate where you can run the wire through. You'll need to cover it later with a metal plate when you patch the hole. By using a hole saw you can keep the opening neat and may even be able to save the plaster to patch with it. Fishing to the light fixture isn't too bad if the ceiling joists run parallel to where you're running the wire. Otherwise, you may have to create a similar hole/chisel channel at each joist. Not fun. Or, you could look into using wireless switches....they're about $60, but a lifesaver in such situations. You only have to wire to the switch, then install a wireless receiver in the ceiling light. Other folks may have other ideas. When you don't have access from above or below, it's tough!

Just Bill 09-11-2009 07:08 AM

There is no way that I know of to do the hard wire of inaccessible ceilings. You have to make some holes. There are LONG drill bits that allow fewer holes, but you still need holes.

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