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Usually you can't... I think if you install a GFCI outlet on an AFCI circuit they'd either trip each other or the maybe the GFCI alters the signal somehow that makes the AFCI not work right.. I don't know for sure why or what happens but AFCI instructions will say that you can't install GFCI on a circuit with AFCI protection.

Not a problem at all to install a gfci on an afci circuit!

Gramps, you can either change back to a 2 prong receptacle with no problem, change to a gfci receptacle that offers personnel protection, but no protection for equipment, or find a way to get a ground wire from the panel to each 3 prong receptacle.

Good luck!


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gramps416 (07-08-2011)
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thanks you guys.
this has been very informative

I think i will change back to the two prong for now,
and maybe later on, see if it is possible to pull more slack to get the ground into the box for all the missing cables in each box. but not to make the last section of cable to taught in the wall. I remember reading somewhere in the past that it is dangerous for the cable to be taught because there needs to be an allowance for movement during different seasons.

If i can't get the cable's pulled, maybe it is a good idea to get one "ground" cable that serves all of the areas, and run it through the attic.

thanks again
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re: troubleshooting. one outlet does not work. please help

On the advice I revived here, I installed 2 slim profile GFCIs

one functions properly, tested with reset switch.

the other one does not reset, the "light" is on, which is good (see pic attached). this is the outlet that has another load on it. so there are 4 wires in the box (two hot, two neutral). other problems.....
  • it is very "tight" inside, and difficult to shove in all the wires. the left side is sticking out. I tried moving the wires around,but it was difficult and I could not do it after 2 attempts
  • outlet does not work
  • the light switch beside the tv does not work. I don't know if it is downstream or upstream
  • when the circuit breaker was turned on after the work, i used a radio to test the circuit. the radio worked for a fraction of a second and went out
Please let me know what you think is going on. this is a bit frustrating. Is there any reason for concern at the moment? could my GFCI be defective? it is a slim leviton GFCI]

Could the line and load be reversed???

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The first thing I would check is to make sure the proper pairs of wires are matched in the line and load terminals. Both conductors from the cable need to end up on the same end of the device. They cannot cross between cables.

Pull the device out of the box and see if it resets. You may have inadvertent contact when stuffed into the box.
Answers based on the National Electrical Code. Local amendments may apply. Check with your local building officials.
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ok. just checked. line and load wires are not mis-matched. one cable goes to line, the other to load. as far as which cable goes to line, and which goes to load, when I disconnected the old receptacle, i only did one cable at a time to try to not let a mis match happen, I assumed that the previous wiring had the load on the top, and line in the bottom like the device i have. Maybe standards were different in the late 50s about how GFCI were made.

device is now no longer seated in box.

button still does not reset.

was it possible that the line and load cables are switched?
what is the next test? is there a concern about difficulty moving unit back in box?

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Yes the line and load could be switched. Try switching them, see if it resets.

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that was it! line and load were reversed.



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