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msenkpiel 08-03-2010 09:39 PM

Re: Pump Control test Franklin
I found a thread from 2008 that matched my situation quite well (

Basically, my well tripped the breaker last week and then lost pressure again this week (without tripping the breaker). I had power coming in at the well head, so I followed micromind's suggestions in the above post and measured the resistance of my 3-wire pump motor, which read

R to B - 66k ohms
R to Y - 28.3 ohms
B to Y - 70k ohms

According to the thread, this indicated that my pump motor may be bad, so I pulled the pump and measured the resistance at the pump. To my surprise, the readings at the pump read exactly as micromind said a good pump would read

R to B - 34.4 ohms
R to Y - 27.7 ohms
B to Y - 7 ohms


The resistance from yellow to black should be very low, usually only a few ohms. The resistance from yellow to red should be higher, and if you add these two, it should equal the resistance from black to red.
So it would appear that I have a bad wire (black?). I haven't gotten a chance to visually inspect or read the resistance of the wires yet.

My first question is since I have already pulled the pump, should I go ahead and replace it as well as the wire?

The well is 100 ft. The motor is a Franklin (Model 2143034116 1/3 HP, 3-wire, 230V) with control box (Model 2801054915), the pump is Goulds (Model 7EH03422). Franklin and Goulds are both manufacturers that are reportedly amoung "the best" from my googling.

I believe that they may be quite old as the pump and motor models are no longer available. I've lived here 8 years with no well issues and the Goulds has 76 printed on it in dots, which is the year my house was built.

My delimma is that if these are 8 - or even 34 years old, but excellent quality should I replace them anyway (with something almost guarenteed to be of inferior quality)? For that matter, should I replace the 100' of PVC pipe while I'm at it?

My second question is how to test everything before dropping it back in the well. Is it ok to run it dry for a second or two?


moondawg 08-04-2010 07:22 AM

It depends on how cheap you are, and how lazy you are, and how those two values compare to each other.

Cheap but not lazy: Replace wire, do not replace pump. (since you don't mind pulling the pump again when it fails)

Lazy but not cheap: Replace wire and pump. (you've got the pump out, might as well replace it)

Lazy and Cheap: Replace pump with mechanical pump handle, have kids man the pump.

Neither Lazy nor Cheap: Replace wire and pump, repeat every year.

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